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DSC_7715Since their addition to campus, the HPU community has poured 500,000 bottles of water from these refillable water stations!

Remember the first step to recycle is to reuse!

In an effort to reduce the amount of disposable water bottles and offer convenient access to chilled, filtered water, the Green Team has installed special water fountains across campus.

The Container Recycling Institute calculates that if we went on a national campaign to increase beverage container recycling to 80%, the savings in greenhouse gas production would be the equivalent to taking 2.4 million cars off the road for a year.

When you use a reusable water bottle, you help reduce the production of bottled beverages and therefore, the landfill and recycling burden of the bottles. In the United States in 2006, only 24.7 percent of plastic beverage bottles were recycled, according to the Container Recycling Institute, representing only 1.11 million tons recycled of the 4.47 million tons of bottles sold.

Drinking from reusable water bottles can be safer then disposable bottles. For instance, a glass or stainless steel option won’t contain BPA, a harmful chemical used when making some plastics. Also, other chemicals from plastics cannot leach into your drinks.

The following buildings have water bottle filling stations:

  • Biomechanics Lab & Department of Physician Assistant Studies
  • Congdon Hall
  • Cottrell Hall
  • Hayworth Hall
  • Hayworth Fine Arts Center
  • Millis Center
  • Nido R. Qubein School of Communication
  • Norton Hall
  • Norcross
  • N. College Admin
  • Phillips School of Business
  • R.G. Wanek Center
  • Roberts Hall
  • School of Education
  • Slane Student Center
  • Smith Library
  • Steele Sports Center
  • Wellness Center
  • Wilson School of Commerce
  • Witcher Athletic Center