David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences

Minor in Dance

Requirements  for a Minor in Dance (23 credits)

THE 2600. Contemporary Dance (4)
THE 2800. Ballet (4)
THE 2650. Tap or THE 2700 Jazz (4)
THE 2900. Dance Composition (4)
THE 2850. Dance and New Media or THE 2950 Dance and Community Concepts (4)

…plus 2 credits of dance studio courses. These may be fulfilled by taking either both courses or by repeating either of the following studio courses:

THE 2610 Contemporary Studio and/or THE 2810 Ballet Studio (1)

Upon completing the Minor in Dance Program at High Point University, students will:

1. Have a greater awareness of their own bodies, with regard to their physical and aesthetic capabilities, through the practice of various dance techniques

2. Have confidence in their own creative voice and vision through the creation of self-conceived works

3. Be knowledgeable of the broad history of dance and its influence on contemporary dance practices through deep exploration into our dance predecessors and the traditions from which they come

4. Understand how dance professionals can collaborate with artists of other genres to create interdisciplinary works through participation in main stage productions

5. Have the ability to use the arts to engage communities to encourage connections between people and become proponents for change through the study of community engaged arts practices in dance;

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