Journal NameDiscipline(s)Description
American Journal of Undergraduate Research (AJUR)
Natural Science/ MedicineFocus: pure & applied sciences, math, engineering, technology, related areas in education.
Published in March, June, September, December (Quarterly).
Maintained by the University of Northern Iowa’s Department of Physics.
Submissions: Manuscripts that describe the results of undergraduate research in analytical science(s), submitted at a logical point in the research progress.
Natural Science/ MedicineFocus: articles with relevance to speech, language, and hearing processes and disorders, the diagnosis and treatment of the disorders, articles on educational and professional issues in the disciplines
Submissions: students and professionals may apply. Manuscript must not exceed 800 words and saved in a Microsoft Word file. Email to with “NSSLHA Now! Submission” as subject title, and include name, title, phone number and email address in the body of the email. Photographs must be in JPEG, EPS or TIFF format at 900×1500 pixels or more, headshots at 600×900 pixels. No internet images.
MJM- McGill Journal of MedicineNatural Science/ Medicine Bi-Annually
Maintained by McGill University (of Montreal, Canada)’s medical & science students
Submissions: Undergraduate, Graduate, and medical students may apply.
Submit manuscript to:
Journal of Science and Health (JOSHUA)Natural Science/ MedicineSubmit to – submission must be between 1,000 and 3,500 words. Longer submissions are accepted if the submission can be downsized to publication length and allow for extra information to be published online.
Published by the University of Alabama, sponsored by Tri Beta and Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Focus: societal/ethical implications, emerging methodologies/fields
University of Toronto Medical Journal (UTMJ)Natural Science/ MedicineOfficial journal of the University of Toronto Faculty of medicine
Focus: Original studies and review articles in basic, clinical, translational, epidemiological medical research, medical education, medical ethics, medical jurisprudence, and history of medicine.
Submissions: editorials, letters, comments, review articles, original studies, poetry and short stories, book reviews, perspectives, and case reports. Must create a username account to submit and check status of submissions.
Journal for Nurse Practitioners (JNP)Natural Science/ MedicineOfficial journal of the American College of Nurse Practitioners
Focus: clinical, research, policy concerns that affect the practice
Submissions: Students (but must be co-authored by a university faculty member). Publication can be delayed for publication until the student graduates.
Submit through Manuscripts should be between 3,000 and 3,500 words, should include an abstract (less than 100 words), 4-6 keywords, a cover letter, title page, the manuscript (including references & table/figure keys), the tables/figures, and the ethical disclosure from the website. Submit these as separate files. For more information on submission guidelines visit
Journal of Undergraduate Kinesiology Research
Natural Science/MedicinePublished by University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire’s Kinesiology Department
Submissions: original undergraduate kinesiology related research
Contact to get started & be assigned a liason
Canadian Undergraduate Physics Journal (CUPJ)Natural Science/ MedicineJournal has been temporarily put on hold & restart date is unknown (as of 9/14/12)
Focus: physics, astronomy, developments in physics
Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry ResearchNatural Science/MedicinePublished quarterly by Virginia Military Institute
Focus: all aspects of chemistry as well as analytical, organic, inorganic, physical, polymers, and biochemistry aspects.
Submissions: students or professors may submit. Please inform of previous oral/poster presentations that have been made.
International Journal of Exercise Science (IJES)Natural Science/MedicineStudent Peer-Reviewers
Journal of Research in Physics (JURP)Natural Science/ MedicinePeer-Review
Online Journal
Focus: physics, theoretical physics, educational research in physics, experimental physics
Student’s paper must be sponsored by faculty member of the same department the research was done
A letter from the sponsor that certifies the work was done by the undergraduate student and that they have no issue with being acknowledged at the end of the paper must be submitted with the manuscript if it wishes to be published.
Submit to or mail to Assistant Editor’s address on the website
Natural Science/ MedicineFocus: health conditions around the world, topics relating to global health issues
Distributed nationally and internationally
Journal of Young Investigators (JYI Inc.)Natural Science/ MedicineStudent run scientific review & publication process
Electronic Journal
Submissions: (Original Research) must be written by undergraduate student or team of undergraduates, with a professor/graduate student/medical doctor/professional scientist as a mentor. The advisor/mentor must submit an Advisor Approval form. Format: Abstract, Introduction, Methods & Materials, Results, Discussion & Conclusion, References.
Submissions: (Review Articles) must be written by undergraduate student or team of undergraduates. These do not require a mentor or Advisor Approval form. Should be written with a perspective audience of undergraduate science majors
Impulse- The Premier Undergraduate Neuroscience JournalNatural Science/ MedicinePublished by Appalachian State University
Focus: Neurosciences
Submissions: cover letter and manuscript are to be sent to after following directions listed on website. Submissions must refer to a faculty member mentor.
Pen Bioethics Journal (PBJ)Natural Science/ MedicineSubmissions: Accepted on a rolling basis. News briefs (1-3 paragraphs), editorials (1-3 pages) and papers (up to 3,300 words) must be done in a Microsoft Word document and emailed to . They also must adhere to the submission rules:
Focus: Bioethics (and bioethics related topics)
Published Bi-Annually by University of Pennsylvania
BIOSSciencePublished Quarterly by the Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society
Submissions: reviews, opinion pieces, and other articles written by faculty or post-docs, research articles, preliminary results/reports, After following listed guidelines, submit to:
American Journal of Human BiologyScienceBi-monthly
Journal scope: epidemiology, genetic variation, population biology & demography, physiology, anatomy, nutrition, growth & aging, physical performance, physical activity & fitness, ecology, evolution
Submit at
American Journal of Physical AnthropologyScienceMonthly (3 quarterly volumes)
Journal scope: human biology, non-human primate behavior, new & developing fronts that contribute to the growth of the science of human and non-human primate evolution.
Submit at
NanoscapeScienceFocus: Nanoscience
Submissions: see guidelines/formatting requirements under “Information for Authors” link, must have a faculty mentor, email manuscript to:
RURALS: Review of Undergraduate Research in Agricultural and Life Sciences
Review of Undergraduate Research in Agricultural Life and Sciences
must have a faculty sponsor/advisor or be co-authored with a faculty member
See guidelines before mailing to listed address
Focus: research problem areas in agriculture (i.e. USDA, CSREES Manual of Classification of Agricultural and Forestry Research)
Journal of Undergraduate Research in Bioengineering (JURIBE)ScienceFocus: bioengineering & other science and engineering fields
Submissions: original research papers, see instructions, contact:
Journal of MammalogyScienceFocus: biology of mammals
Published 6 times/year
Submissions: see guidelines under “Publications”, “Journal of Mammalogy”, “Information for Contributors”, submit to
Contemporary issues in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CICSD)
Published bi-annually (Fall & Spring)
Online Journal
Submissions: accepted on rolling basis, see guidelines/FAQ, submit to,
Focus: communication science, communication disorders, linguistics, neurology/neuroscience (as it relates to speech, language & hearing), motor control, psychology (as it relates to speech, language & hearing)
MarSciMarine ScienceFocus: marine & aquatic sciences
Submissions: manuscripts, posters, abstracts, student articles (completed projects or works in progress), must have a research/faculty advisor, see guidelines
CatalystScience and EngineeringPublished by Rice University
Submissions: Submit to
Focus: any area of science, see guidelines (under “Apply” and “types of articles”)
MIT Undergraduate Research Journal (MURJ)SciencePeer-Reviewed
Focus: Science
Fine FocusBiologyFine Focus is the first microbiology research journal for undergraduate students. They are now receiving new manuscript submissions from UG research in microbiology (or AP/honors high school students) for publication in Fine Focus. Deadline for manuscripts for consideration in the summer 2016 issue - March 20, 2016!
Mechanisms of Evolution by University of Nevada Las VegasBioinformatics, Field Ecology, Systematics, Molecular Biology and PhysiologyUndergraduate projects funded by the REU Site: Mechanisms of Evolution focus on biological processes, such as mutation, genetic drift, migration, non-random mating and natural selection that drive heritable change. The inspiration for this proposal is the celebrated essay, Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution by Theodosius Dobzansky.

Stipend: $5,250
Travel award and double occupancy housing is provided

Application deadline: Friday March 4, 2016