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Reading Intervention Research-Work Directly with Local 2nd and 3rd grade struggling Readers!

Research Assistants (RA) needed for Spring semester.  RAs will be working on an intervention study that focuses on helping children attain foundational reading fluency skills. Student outcomes will be evaluated to determine what, if any, particular characteristics influence a student’s success with the intervention.  RAs will be trained in HELPS, an evidenced-based reading fluency intervention, and will be assigned several 2nd and 3rd grade students in the local area.  RAs will go to an area elementary school during the school day once per week (or more if they have time) and work directly with their assigned students delivering the intervention in a 1:1 setting.  RA positions are open to all majors and levels provided students can meet the qualifications listed below.  Stacey Potkin-Field from NC State University is conducting this project in coordination with Dr. Sarah Vess, Chair of the Special Education Department at HPU.  For more information on how to sign up, e-mail or

In sum:
1. RAs will learn and implement a 1:1 reading intervention w/ struggling 2nd and 3rd graders.
2. They must volunteer at least 1 day per week for 2 hours (more time is encouraged and welcomed!)
3. RAs need their own transportation to one of 3 High Point elementary schools, or 1 Greensboro school. Carpooling is fine.
4. The study begins in February and ends April 30th (2015). They are not expected to attend over HPU or GCS vacations. They MUST commit for the entire study duration.
5. Prior to volunteering, they must apply for and pass a free background check through GCS (

Human Relations: Psychological Impact of high- and low-power posing on self-perceptions.

Immediate opportunity! Dr. Sarah Nielsen, Assistant Professor of Human Relations, is seeking 1-2 students to serve as research assistants on a project investigating the psychological impact of high- and low-power posing on self-perception. Students will have the opportunity to gain experience in survey design, data entry and coding, running experimental subject groups, writing literature reviews, and more.  Open to all majors and class levels. Students must be willing to complete IRB training. Contact Sarah Nielsen:

Zoo Research

Dr. Joanne Altman, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works, and Professor of Psychology, is seeking two dedicated students who are interested in getting involved in zoo research. Dr. Altman studies animal cognition and psychological well-being in captive wildlife. Right now Dr. Altman is cognitive testing lemurs at the Greensboro Science Center.   Students  are expected to go to the zoo on a regular schedule and work with the lemurs. This work will extend through the summer and the students will be part of our Summer Research Institute and can stay on campus over the summer for free. Students will have the opportunity to gain experience in research methods, animal behavior and training, writing  a literature review, and more. Volunteers will have to do IACUC training and get tested for TB. Open to all majors and class levels.  Contact Dr. Joanne Altman:

Human Health and Athletic Performance

Department of Physical Education is looking for students to assist in research related to human health and athletic performance. This research will include evaluating the effects of running under different conditions, such as in simulated high altitude and low gravity conditions. There will also be research opportunities in building a database relating athletic performance to lung function. Also, there will be research projects evaluating the effects of training programs, specialized equipment, nutritional supplements, and other interventions on health and human performance. Students participating in the research will be expected to be involved in laboratory data collection on a regular basis and will learn how to use a variety of medical-grade research equipment. Student research participants who make significant contributions to the projects will be given the opportunity to present their data at major conferences and will also be included in peer-reviewed publications which result from these projects. Contact Dr. James Smoliga:

Body Composition Analysis in Humans and Animals

Description:  Dr. James Smoliga is researching how body composition scoring (BCS) is used in humans and in animals.  Body composition involves measuring or estimating levels of body fat, muscle, bone, and other tissue through various techniques.  For the human aspect of the research, students can gain experience related to the use dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), how it relates to visual BCS, and how these measures relate to athletic performance.  For the animal aspect of the research, students will relate methods of body composition assessment in animals (both companion and wildlife) to those methods used in human research, with the goal of developing better methods of body composition evaluation and relating BCS to health outcomes. This is open to all majors and all levels.  The end product of this research will be publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Survey Research Center

Get Experience doing survey research which includes phone interviews, focus groups, face-to-face interviews. Can get experience in one of two ways: Survey Research Center Practicum (IDS2255, PSC2055, COM2267) This course is as an interdisciplinary introduction to survey research methodology. Its goal is to provide students with hands-on experience conducting phone-based surveys as interviewers in High Point University’s Survey Research Center. Students will receive training in research ethics, interviewing skills, research design, data collection and analysis. This course is open to all students. SURVEY RESEARCH CENTER also hires – Contact Dr. Martin Kifer:

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