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B.S. Exercise Science

Exercise Science is a discipline organized around the human movement system, physical activity, athletic performance and wellness. The academic focus of the program is interdisciplinary in nature and has unique courses in biomechanics, exercise physiology, health and wellness, human anatomy, human physiology, sport performance, nutrition and the sociocultural aspects of fitness. The program offers students individualized options for pre-professional preparation in the health sciences and traditional graduate school programs in exercise science. In addition, students are prepared for a number of certification exams and careers paths in the field.


Human Biomechanics & Physiology Laboratory

The Human Biomechanics & Physiology Laboratory consists of 13,500 square feet of awe-inspiring research, teaching and clinical space. The centerpiece of the lab is our biomechanics area that consists of a large, open space surrounded by 24 motion capture cameras, featuring three force plates and an instrumented treadmill. In addition the biomechanics area boasts truly unique functional motion-capture-areas with a golf simulator, turf field and wooden court surface. The physiology component of the lab includes an environmental chamber, wet lab, anti-gravity treadmills, metabolic carts, a wireless EMG for tracking muscle activity and a DEXA scanner that measures bone density.

Undergraduate research

HPU students worked to better understand how common foot injuries occur when football players are on the field by partnering with one of the globe’s largest brands, Adidas International, Inc. Three HPU students spearheaded the research alongside Dr. Kevin Ford, associate professor of physical therapy, Dr. Jeff Taylor, assistant professor of physical therapy and Dr. Yum Nguyen, assistant professor of athletic training. The project, funded by Adidas, involved testing multiple styles of innovative football cleats with advanced instrumentation and technology in the Human Biomechanics and Physiology Lab. The team presented their research at national and global conferences in San Diego and Europe.


Exercise Science at HPU


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