Academic Services

Welcome To The Office Of Academic Services

The Office of Academic Services at High Point University is dedicated to helping students improve their academic performance. The office is responsible for coordinating Academic Advising and the Foundations of Academic Success course (ADV-1101). Additional student support programs that report to the office include the Academic Services Center and Disability Support.

The Office of Academic Services coordinates and provides assistance in areas of academic performance related to academic and life skills with specific reference to exam preparation, testing strategies, test anxiety, reading, note taking skills, time and stress management and other areas requested by students. The office follows the academic progress and development of all students. It provides academic counseling for any student having academic difficulty and provides advising support to all students and faculty advisors. Through the Academic Services Center (ASC), the office supports students with disabilities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the High Point University Office of Academic Services is to support the academic progress, success, and retention of undergraduate students by offering varied educational programs, activities, and services in a certified, supportive learning environment.