Lasting Resolutions: Committing to Positive Change

High Point University Lillain Bijl
High Point University student Lillian Bijl

Lillian Bijl

The New Year brings new challenges, adventures and, of course, resolutions. Lillian Bijl, junior, reflects on the resolutions that made it through 2012, and inspires students to make daily resolutions towards a better 2013.

The words “inspiring environment” are not just a part of High Point University’s mission statement. These words are tangible; they come to life in the student body on campus every single day. Especially as the semester finished up and Facebook introduced its “Year in Review” feature – a way to see one’s most popular posts and photos over the past 12 months – I wondered if anyone I knew had stuck with a resolution they made at the beginning of 2012. New Year’s Resolutions are often tossed aside or forgotten by February, so I was curious: Did anyone actually follow through? Did they reach their goals?


High Point University Student Briayna Cuffie

Briayna Cuffie

The answer is yes. In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, sophomore Briayna Cuffie began 2012 determined to lose 50 pounds and improve her fitness. With incredible determination and self-control, Briayna not only met, but

 surpassed her goal, and says that losing the weight taught her that she can apply the same dedication she has in other areas of her life to becoming healthier and stronger.

“There is so much confidence inside of me; it’s just been waiting to come out!” she says, telling me that she has reaped not only physical benefits from her pursuit, but also mental and emotional. She is resolving to lose another 50 pounds in 2013. With the incredible success she’s had so far, I have no doubt that with her kind of grit and determination, Briayna can achieve anything she sets her mind to.


High Point University student Michelle Baity

Michelle Baity

The year also saw great changes for psychology student Michelle Baity. At the beginning of the year, Michelle realized she needed to step back from her heavy involvement with others and make herself a priority. Although this involved some serious reorganization of her commitments, she was now able to focus on taking care of her own well-being while simultaneously teaching those around her the importance of solving one’s own problems. Michelle says her resolution has taught her how to take care of herself and next year, she plans on working to actively acknowledge how blessed she feels to have the love and support of her family.

I have goals for 2013, too. Some are pretty generic to most college students – land a summer internship, make good grades, get accepted into a study abroad program, etc. Others are a little more personal. I want to write more letters to friends and family that live far away, see the band Mumford & Sons in concert, take more photographs and make more art. I want to be a better person in my friendships and in the classroom. Still, I know that greatness doesn’t happen in 365 days. I know that success is the product of consistent hard work, combined with preparedness when opportunity comes along. Goals accomplished are the products of tenacity and a sense of humor when things don’t go as planned.

Which just makes me think – shouldn’t we start every morning with a resolution? Imagine how much we could accomplish if we acted with the intention of achieving a specific goal every day. We don’t have to strive for world peace, but a small step towards realizing our dreams would add up to incredible success in the long run. If only we faced each new day with the same conviction to better ourselves and our world that we feel when we make our New Year’s Resolutions, we could achieve so much.

 Let High Point University be the place where this year’s resolutions become realities. Utilize the unparalleled resources, find a support system in the student community here, and make 2013 one of the best years yet.

-Lillian Bijl

Lillian is an international relations major with minors in communication and Spanish. She is finding her voice at HPU by documenting the accomplishments of her peers. When she graduates, Lillian hopes to pursue a master’s degree in global health communication and work abroad.

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