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About the Success Coach Program
Success Coaches are responsible for providing appropriate academic and transitional support to first-year students applicable to all aspects of the student’s life tasks: academic, personal, social and career. They are here to assist you in this transition to college life and meet with students once per month. Your Success Coach will serve as your academic advisor for the first year and is assigned based on academic major.
Student Success
Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Find Your Success Coach
  1. Academic Advisor: Success Coaches help students navigate the curriculum of their major, as well as general education requirements for graduation. First-year students meet their Success Coach at Orientation Weekend before they arrive in the Fall. During Orientation Weekend, students receive their fall semester schedule, learn about the student role in their partnership with their Success Coach, and begin their success planning for the freshman year. Success Coaches also guide students in choosing appropriate classes for their Spring semester of the freshman year and Fall semester of their sophomore year.
  2. Life Coach: When first-year students arrive, they experience a variety of emotions– homesickness, difficulty fitting in, adjusting to college-level academic expectations, etc. Success Coaches help students advocate for themselves, encourage them to find their own niche on campus and to get involved in clubs or other campus activities.
  3. University Liaison: Our Success Coaches help students make connections with other faculty and staff on campus. Success Coaches can refer students to Career Services, Study Abroad, Student Life, Counseling Services, Financial Aid and other offices on campus to ensure that each first-year student receives the support and encouragement they need.
  4. Activities Coordinator: Success Coaches assist in the implementation of programs and services designed to promote academic, personal and social/emotional success, engagement and retention of first-year students.

Meet with Your Success Coach to:

  • Find out what courses to take for your intended major and for graduation requirements
  • Explore academic majors that interest you (Project Discovery)
  • Access academic support resources to assist with your success in the classroom
  • Get more involved on campus
  • Connect with the community for acts of service
  • Find your “niche”
  • Learn more about the student services available to you

Receive the support you need to set a strong foundation for success

Click here to meet your coach!

We love to partner with parents/families and faculty! Please email your Success Coach directly, or at our general email address

Exploring Your Major
Exploring Your Major
At High Point University, we partner with you to help you discover an academic pursuit that you are passionate about – and, we call this process: Project Discovery.
Get Involved
Check out helpful links for freshmen.
Alpha Lambda Delta
Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society that recognizes and encourages academic excellence among first-year students.
Undeclared Students
Being Undeclared is an extraordinary way to start your college career because there are so many opportunities to experience.
I greatly enjoyed having someone to talk to when I was unsure of my decisions as a student, and my Coach was easy to talk to. She helped me with a few problems I encountered, and I am excited to be working with her again next semester!
My Coach is awesome! He was such an amazing help to me and was sure to keep me motivated throughout the year.
My Coach was the best Success Coach I could have asked to have by my side during my freshman year. She was not only helpful, but she was also kind, considerate, flexible, understanding and, overall, very supportive throughout my whole academic career!
I loved my first year at HPU, and my Success Coach was very helpful and kind which made coming to her about anything very easy.
My Coach is an amazing success coach! I felt like I could go talk to her about anything, and she was always there to listen. She has been an incredible resource this semester, and I really feel like she had my best interest at heart.
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