One Senior’s Contributions Will Benefit Future HPU Students

The Office of Student Life presents the Extraordinary Leader award to outstanding students each month. The entire HPU community – students, faculty and staff, make nominations, and the nominees are asked to complete a survey about their academic, social and charitable involvement on campus and in the community. A committee of HPU administrators selects the students who embody true leadership.

HPU High Point UniversityApril’s Extraordinary Leader, Dana Lindblad, not only leads, she creates. The graduating senior is leaving her mark at High Point University through HPU’s club softball team and Alpha Chi Omega sorority, both of which she is a founding member.

“I wanted to be able to make my own path and make a difference during my college career,” says Lindblad. “HPU showed me that it’s possible, if you put your mind to it, to make an impact. The willingness that the staff and faculty had to help students find the tools and the means to create something that would benefit the school and community just blew my mind.”

Lindblad says she was excited about starting the softball team freshman year, and worked to get as many women signed up as possible. After three years, she has seen the softball club grow from a casual Saturday hobby team to a competitive traveling tournament team.

While starting the softball team, Lindblad also worked to create the AXO chapter at HPU. She says she was in the Office of Student Life the day AXO was chosen to be the newest addition to the Greek community and started working to get students interested in joining the sorority. Over the years, she served as an executive board member and panhellenic delegate. Most recently, Lindblad was named “Greek Student of the Year” by the Office of Student Life. She is the first member of AXO to receive the honor.

In addition to creating new and important additions to HPU’s community, Lindblad also helps uphold the university’s most important traditions. She is the current judicial vice president and chief justice for the Student Government Association, presiding over open and closed conduct and honor code court proceedings.

“The Honor Code is a promise to students that the integrity of our work is important and actually means something,” says Lindblad. “I feel that integrity is something that I have tried to embody in every aspect of my college career.”

Lindblad says her time at HPU allowed her to figure out who she is and who she wants to be.

“Without the opportunities that High Point University extends to their students and the willingness to help a students achieve their goals, I would have probably been a ‘solo leader,’ leading only myself to graduation,” says Lindblad. “But now, I can firmly say that I have accomplished so much more in these four years, positively impacted so many other lives and become extremely happy with who I am. I will be leaving HPU a better person than I first arrived.”

Lindblad will graduate in May. She plans to continue in her current position as Program Director for the National Student Leadership Conference’s National Security and Intelligence Program at American University through the summer, before applying for positions with the State Department and Secret Service. Her goal is to become a Foreign Service Officer or threat assessment analyst.

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