Student Takes on Corporate Internship at Caterpillar Inc.


Alex Nelson HPU High Point University CaterpillarHIGH POINT, N.C., June 21, 2013 – Alex Nelson, a rising junior at High Point University, is fueling up for a potential future at Caterpillar, Inc., a machinery and engine manufacturer in his hometown of Clayton, N.C.

Nelson, a communication major with a minor in management, is the lead communications and human resources intern, overseeing 30 other interns across four U.S. CAT Building Construction Products Division facilities. He is responsible for coordinating and scheduling events, meetings and logistics for all the interns, and leads bi-weekly intern teleconferences. He’s also had the opportunity to work on confidential company information with his manager, along with other projects such as succession planning, standard work, diversity and leadership summits.

“This internship has already taught me to operate in a professional, corporate environment. I’ve been told several times that this is essentially a three-month interview. I bring 110 percent each day and encourage other interns to do the same,” Nelson says. “I could easily see myself working at Caterpillar someday. The experience and exposure I am gaining are remarkable, and their Vision 2020 strategy is promising for continued global success.”

Nelson says his experiences in and out of the classroom at HPU have cultivated his attitudes about the corporate world, and has shaped his approach to his responsibilities at CAT.

“On campus, we are immersed in a culture and environment of excellence. I’m applying and implementing this same positive mentality at CAT,” Nelson says. “For example, HPU recognizes extraordinary leaders each month. I’m implementing this same principle with interns at Caterpillar by recognizing interns each week. HPU has set an incredible example for me. I’ve watched and been part of it, and now I’m spreading the notion in the corporate world that everyone can be extraordinary and live a life filled with success and, more importantly, significance.”

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