HPU Mobile Lab and Biology Club Serve Community Children with Science Kits

High Point University’s Mobile Lab team communicated virtually to offer children online resources during the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring. HPU’s Biology Club and Mobile Lab initiative “At-Home Science Experiment Extravaganza” will provide community children with science experiments and care package items.

HIGH POINT, N.C., Aug. 18, 2020 – High Point University’s Mobile Lab and Biology Club student scientists are looking to engage community children in various at-home activities this fall.

The “At-Home Science Experiment Extravaganza” is an opportunity for children to become an at-home scientist with free, fun and easy-to-follow experiments to engage in. If you are interested in receiving a kit for your child, you can sign up here. To view the different experiments to choose from, click here. Sept. 1 is the deadline to register.

“During these challenging times, we are all looking for little pockets of light to help us continue learning while some of us may still be working or learning from home,” says Alec Garfield, president of HPU’s Biology Club. “Being able to create an event where we can build experiments and care packages for children within the High Point community is one of those pockets. This event will allow kids to experience the fun and love of science that I experience as an undergraduate at HPU.”

Each box will be equipped with supplies to create the experiments, and “care package” items will include personalized written notes, granola bars, fruit snacks, water bottles and tissues. Each package will be tailored to what the parent has requested.

“I planned on having the Biology Club create ‘care packages’ to be sent with the experiment packages because, besides having a fun science experiment to do at home, personal care concerning health is also really important,” says Garfield. “Parents can expect a simple at-home experiment they can utilize to help teach their kid about a science concept, while also having some care items that hopefully make a small difference in their lives.”

“This initiative has the potential to make a significant positive impact on our community,” says Dr. Patrick Vigueira, assistant professor of biology. “I am very proud of the Biology Club students for spending a portion of their summer break to plan this project.”

Items are being collected now and a care packing event, where students and faculty will pack care items and experiments in each kit, is being planned for September.

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