HPU Student Produces Movie About Space Flight

Grey Rich, a sophomore media production and entrepreneurship major at High Point University, made a movie titled “Dream, Above and Beyond” that will be released for purchase on Dec. 10.

HIGH POINT, N.C., Dec. 8, 2020 – Grey Rich, a Cary, North Carolina, native and sophomore media production and entrepreneurship major at High Point University, always had a passion for space travel, so much so that he made a movie about it. The movie, “Dream, Above and Beyond,” will be released on eBay for purchase on Dec. 10 and on Amazon in early 2021.

Rich started the “Dream, Above and Beyond” project in October 2018 when he thought it would be a novel. After some thought, Rich favored the idea of producing a feature-length movie.

Rich, always had a passion for space travel, so he made his own movie about it.

“I was inspired to make this movie based on my passion for space travel,” says Rich. “The support of my little cousins, Ansley and Addyson, and my high school friend, Maddie Rice, really helped pull this idea together. I also had the pleasure to meet astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin back in 2009 when he was HPU’s Commencement speaker, and I learned a lot about space at that time. They were credited as the main inspirations for this movie.”

The movie stars the HPU student talent of Rich, Alec Nava, Daniel Malloy, Isaiah Hardy, James Faircloth and Ben Frondorf, all sophomores. It tells the story about two kids, played by Rich and Nava, who dream of going into space. They go above and beyond drastic measures to make those dreams a reality when they secretly place themselves on NASA’s Constellation program that details a mission to the moon.

Rich wrote, directed, produced, filmed, edited and budgeted the entire 104-minute film. Rich funded about 80% of the film’s budget and received help from friends and family to reach his final goal. He learned these skills in his classes at HPU, as well as another film project he shot in the past. “Dream, Above and Beyond” is built off of experience Rich had when he filmed another movie project. The filming of “Dream, Above and Beyond” took place in February through March but was halted due to COVID-19. Rich continued filming in July and finished in August. 

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