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Strategic Communication

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication (M.A.)

The Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication at High Point University provides students the foundation to create, implement, and evaluate communication campaigns, programs, and training seminars. In addition to coursework in either Health Communication or Public Relations, students graduate with mastery level knowledge in three areas: the theories that explain why and how messages work; the technical and production skills to create campaign materials; and the research skills to evaluate the success of the campaign.

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B.A. to M.A. Program in Strategic Communication

Open only to selected High Point University students

The B.A. to M.A. program in Strategic Communication is designed for outstanding High Point University undergraduate students. The students must be enrolled in their final year of undergraduate study and have demonstrated academic success in the first three years of coursework. Students accepted into the B.A. to M.A. Program in Strategic Communication will be permitted to enroll in nine hours of advanced coursework that may be applied toward completion of the M.A. degree in Strategic Communication upon completion of the undergraduate baccalaureate degree program. Students will apply for admission into the M.A. program in Strategic Communication immediately upon graduation and continue in the program during the summer and into the following academic year. Upon completion of all graduate coursework and when students submit their applications for graduation, the specified credits completed during the senior year will be transferred onto students’ graduate academic record.

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