Project Discovery

Project Discovery

Nearly half of all college students nationally change their major and many enter college not knowing what they want to major in. It’s ok. At High Point University, we partner with you to help you discover an academic pursuit that you are passionate about – and, we call this process: Project Discovery.

Check out the 8 “Light Bulb” Moments of Project Discovery – your guide to uncovering your academic passion.

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1. It Starts with You and Your Success Coach
As an undeclared student, you will partner with a Success Coach who is passionate about helping you discover your perfect major and help you make positive connections with groups and organizations on campus in which you have interest. This happens as early as December before you enroll for 'Early Decision' admitted students or March for 'Regular Decision' admitted students. HPU Success Coaches are here to help you integrate positively into the academic and social fiber of campus life.

2. There’s a Class for That!
Enroll in EXP 1401: Explore Your Major/Career Path, a 1-credit course designed to help you explore career options. Career and Professional Development members will begin your 4 year Career Development Plan your freshman year and explain the many resources available to you in the Career Center – four years of support and guidance that will lead to your face landing on the HPU Young Alumni Career Wall!

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3. They’ve Walked in Your Shoes.
You aren’t the only student who entered college as undeclared – in fact, it is common across the entire nation! Sometimes we learn best from someone like us – a peer. First-Year Navigators are HPU students who were once undeclared, too. They know exactly what you are going through and will help you explore your options.

4. Majorpalooza!
Ok, so the real name of the event is “Majors, Minors, and More,” but either way, this academic fair is held on the Slane Student Center basketball court, so you can meet faculty and students from every major and minor available to you. Want to work on campus or conduct Undergraduate Research? You can connect with these special interests, too.

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5. What Can You Do With This Major?
When you find a major that seems great, you will want to also understand what you do with that degree once you graduate. HPU's Career Advisors and their Career Development website that will help you understand how your major translates to real-world career paths.


6. Career & Professional Development Advisors: Your People
You’ll see them in some of your classes and engage with them in Cottrell Hall, the Center for Student Success. Your Career Advisor will work with you on self-reflection and utilize assessment tools like the Focus 2 MBTI (Myers Briggs) and Strong’s Interest Inventory. These assessments help to match your strengths, aptitude and passions to majors and careers.

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Project Discovery 7

7. Coffee Connections
Every semester, faculty members host opportunities to meet with students who may have questions about a specific major. Casual in nature (we said there’d be coffee), these interactions will help you figure it out! You can have as many of these connection meetings as you need.

8. Peer Career Advisors
You’ll see them in some of your classes and engage with them in Cottrell Hall. Peer Career Advisors will work with you to discuss your interests, passions and strengths. Trained to guide you through the paths available at HPU, Peer Career Advisors help you explore your options as someone who has also traveled your path.

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