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If you are on campus, you can access UpToDate by clicking on this link. You can search and locate content in the UpToDate database.


For off-campus and mobile use you need to create a login. To create a login with UpToDate you will need to be on the High Point University campus and you will be required to use your email account to complete the registration. Registering will allow you to use the content from off campus and will also provide access to UpToDates mobile apps. Here is the link:

UpToDate Registration

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Smith Library Hours

Wednesday – Friday, 8/16-8/18:  8am – 5pm
Saturday, 8/19:  8am – 11pm
Sunday, 8/20:  10am – Midnight
Monday, 8/21:  8am – Midnight
Tuesday, 8/22:  Open at 8am and resume 24/7 hours

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