Print Shop Policies 

Using the form below is now the only way to submit a print order. If you have questions or need assistance, please e-mail 

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Free printing (B&W and Color) is available on regular 8.5×11 or 11×17 paper at all Follow-Me Print locations. Please make use of these for all minor printing jobs. 

Large/bulk orders cannot be done in-house. Please rely on one of our community partners for larger jobs: Office Depot, CE Print Solutions or Sir Speedy’s. If you are not sure, we can let you know. 

*We DO NOT supply any paper to any department. Please contact IT to refill printer paper.*

We reserve the right to refuse any print orders we find inappropriate or in violation of copyright laws. Our services and resources are for academic use only. Do not ask that we print personal projects like family photos, advertisements, invitations, gifts, etc. Be sure to stay aware of copyright law violations. 

There can be NO RUSH JOBS. All orders are completed in the order they were received. Please do not request same-day completion. Due to possible unforeseen circumstances, there is no guarantee on same-day completion. Our typical turnaround time is 24 hours Monday – Friday. 

We are not responsible for double-checking your work for typos, photo quality or size issues. If you send us a file with mistakes, it will be very likely be printed and charged. Take a moment to carefully check over your file before submitting to save money, resources and time. 

Nonprint services we provide: 

  • Cutting of book spines
  • Bulk Cutting/Folding of important university documents
  • Lamination up to 36 inches
  • Foam-backed mounting up to 8.5×11 inches (Letter size)
  • Spiral Binding

 Printing Services: 

  • Standard Letter & Ledger Size Prints
  • Poster Printing Glossy & Matte
  • Cardstock options: 60 lb or 80 lb
  • Fine Art Photo Printing, Glossy & Matte
  • Resume Printing
  • Customer Provided Paper Printing (Free or discounted) 

Using the form below is now the only way to submit a print order. If you have questions or need assistance, please e-mail

HPU Libraries Printing:Unit Price:
B&W Copies$.05/side
Color Copies$.20/side
Poster - Small (>17x22 & <22x34)$5.00
Poster - Medium (~24x36) $10.00
Poster - Large (>24x36” up to 36x48")$15.00
Poster - Very Large (>36x48" up to 36x70")$20.00
Matte Print (8.5x11)$2.00
Matte Print (11x17)$4.00
Matte Print (13x19)$6.00
Matte Print (17x22)$8.00
Photo Print (8.5x11)$3.00
Photo Print (11x17)$5.00
Photo Print (13x19)$9.00
Photo Print (17x22)$11.00
Dry Mount (8.5x11)$5.00
Dry Mount (11x17)$10.00
Laminating 8.5 x 11 or smaller: $0.50
8.5 x 11 – 11 x 17: $1.00
11 x 17 – 13 x 19: $1.50
13 x 19 – 18 x 24: $2.50
18 x 24 – 24 x 36: $3.50
Spiral Binding$.30/book
Stapled Paper Booklet$.20/book
Heat Binding$1.50/book
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