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HPU Poll: North Carolinians Say Sexual Harassment is a Serious Problem
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HPU Poll: No Significant Change in NC Approval Ratings for President or Views on…
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HPU Poll: North Carolinians Plan to Avoid Shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Fri…
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  • Compare Pres Obama disapproval in Fall 2010 (first year of ): 52% AND 71 percent in NC said country headed… ,
  • Also on new New Pres Trump approval rating same at 33% (disapprove = 54%), Country direction wrong = 65%… ,
  • Also on same poll: 75% will NOT shop Friday after T'giving. 22% will. Last year (2016) Not shop = 78%, Will shop… ,
  • is back for the holidays: NCians split on where they will do most holiday shopping (bricks and mortar stor… ,
  • graphic shows NC consumer sentiment index over time. Time series starts in spring 2010, two polls per year. ,