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Public Poll 23 Presidential Approval 3/26/2013Public Poll 23 Summary Memo (3/26/2013)
Public Poll 23 Consumer Sentiment Summary Memo 3/27/2013
Public Poll 23 Environment Summary Memo 4/1/2013
Public Poll 22 Press Release: Gun Rights and Gun Violence 2/28/2013Public Poll 22 Summary Memo (UPDATE) 2/28/2013
Public Poll 22 Presidential Approval 2/26/2013
Public Poll 21 Presidential Approval 2/1/2013Public Poll 21 Summary Memo (UPDATE) 2/6/2013
Public Poll 21 Economy, Taxes, Health Care 2/5/2013
Public Poll 21 School Safety 2/6/2013
Public Poll 21 Valentine's Day 2/12/2013
Public Poll 20 Presidential Approval 11/19/2012Public Poll 20 Summary Memo 11/19/2012
Public Poll 19 Presidential Race (11/1/2012)
Public Poll 19 Lunch with the candidates (11/1/2012)
Public Poll 19 Press Release: Past presidents (11/2/2012)
Public Poll 19 Favorability (11/5/2012)
Public Poll 19 Life Five Years from Now 11/6/2012Public Poll 19 Summary Memo (UPDATE) (11/6/2012
Public Poll 18 Negative Campaigning 10/16/2012
Public Poll 18 Presidential Race 10/12/2012Public Poll 18 Summary Memo (UPDATED) 10/16/2012
Public Poll 17 Presidential Race 9/20/2012
Public Poll 17 Presidential Candidate Issues and Personal Characteristics 9/21/2012Public Poll 17 Summary Memo (UPDATED) 9/21/2012
Public Poll 17 Consumer Sentiment Index 9/24/2012Public Poll 17 Summary Memo - Consumer Sentiment 9/24/2012
Public Poll 16 Presidential Race 9/3/2012
Public Poll 16 Presidential Candidate Characteristics 9/4/2012
Public Poll 16 American Dream 9/6/2012Public Poll 16 Crosstabs UPDATE 9/6/2012
Public Poll 15 Presidential Race 8/27/2012
Public Poll 15 Convention Attention 8/28/2012
Public Poll 15 Romney or Obama Better on the Issues 8/29/2012Public Poll 15 Crosstabs (UPDATE) 8/29/2012
Public Poll 14 Environment 4/16/2012
Public Poll 14 Candidate Attributes 4/6/2012
Public Poll 14 Election 4/3/2012Public Poll 14 Summary Memo: Environment (UPDATE) 4/16/2012
Public Poll 14 Gas Prices 4/2/2012Public Poll 14 Summary Memo (UPDATE) 4/6/2012
Public Poll 13 Presidential Approval 3/5/2012Public Poll 13 Summary memo - Approval  3/5/2012
Public Poll 13 Iran 3/1/2012Public Poll 13 Summary memo - International 3/1/2012
Public Poll 12 Elections 2/14/2012
Public Poll 12 Valentine's Day 2/13/2012
Public Poll 12 Press release: Obama's Approval Rating Stable while Governor's, Congress' Ratings Slightly Lower2/13/2012Public Poll 12 Summary memo (UPDATE) 2/14/2012
Public Poll 11 Putting Obama’s 43 Percent Approval Rating
Into Historical Perspective 11/22/2011
Public Poll 11 Summary memo 11/22/2011Public Poll 11 Highlights slides Current Issues in the State of North Carolina 11/22/2011
Public Poll 10 Incumbents Will Face Major Challenges Gaining
Reflection by NC's Press Release 10/10/2011
Public Poll 10 Summary Memo 10/13/2011Public Poll 10 Current Issues in the State of North Carolina Highlights Slides 10/10/2011
Public Poll 9 NC Residents Sour on Direction of the Country, President Obama, Congress and Statewide Officials 9/26/2011Public Poll 9 Summary Memo 9/26/2011
Public Poll 8 NC Consumers Rely On Word Of Mouth When It Comes To Buying Furniture, Home Accessories Press Release 4/6/2011Public Poll 8 Summary Memo 4/13/2011
Public Poll 7 NC Residents Split On Approval Of Obama, Mixed On Local Representatives 3/8/2011
Public Poll 7 NC Residents Want Investments In Education And Cuts In Foreign Aid At The National Level Press Release 3/7/2011Public Poll 7 Summary Memo 3/8/2011
Public Poll 6 NC Residents Want Leaders to Work Together
in Raleigh and D.C., Still Pessimistic About the Economy 2-9/2011
Public Poll 6 Summary Memo 2/9/2011Public Poll 6 Highlights Slides 2/9/2011
Public Poll 5 HPU Survey Finds NC Residents View Local News As More Fair, Balanced Than National News Sources Press release 12/02/2010Public Poll 5 Current Issues in the State of North Carolina Highlights Slides 11/2010
Public Poll 4 HPU SRC Finds NC Residents Continue to Favor Republicans; Equally Sour on NC and National
Economies; Have Strong Opinions on Education Policy Press release 10/20/2010
Public Poll 4 Methodology Summary Memo 10-20/2010Public Poll 4 Congressional Elections and Current Issues
in the State of NC Highlights Slides 10-20-2010
Public Poll 3 HPU SRC Finds NC Residents Leaning Toward Republicans In Midterm
Elections, Pessimistic About The Economy Press Release 10/8/2010
Public Poll 3 Methodology Summary Memo 10/8/2010Public Poll 3 Congressional Elections and Current Issues
in the State of NC Highlights Slides 10/8/2010
Public Poll 2 HPU SRC Polls North Carolina Residents On U.S. Census 4/21/2010Public Poll 2 Methodology Summary Memo 4/21/2010Public Poll 2 Current Issues in the NC Highlights slides 4/21/2010
Public Poll 1 HPU SRC Polls North Carolinians 3/31/2010Public Poll 1 Methodology 3/31/2010Public Poll 1 Current Issues in the State of North Carolina 3/31/2010