The Bonner Leader Program

The High Point Bonner Community

The current HPU Bonner Leader Program includes 6 students and 2 faculty members. During the 2013-2014 academic year, the program will recruit 10 new students.

Dr. Joseph

Dr. Cara

Anna Mahathey, 2013-2015 AmeriCorps/VISTA –

Shannon Barr, 2013-2014 AmeriCorps/VISTA –

Kemi Ademuyewo, 2013-2014 AmeriCorps/VISTA –

Bonner Leaders In The News

Dante Armstrong CWC
Making the Community Your Classroom: HPU’s Caring People Leave a Local Impact
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Duchante Davis 2
Changing Lives through Teaching: DuChante Davis Joins Teach for America
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MLK Zumba
Bonner Leaders and Macedonia Resource Center Aim to Beat Zumba World Record
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