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The Bonner Program

The High Point University Bonner Leader Program seeks to transform the lives of students as well as their campuses, local communities, and nation by providing access to education and opportunities to serve. Administered by the HPU Service Learning Program, students in the program engage in ongoing service work while developing the tools and the knowledge necessary to make that work lasting and meaningful.

  • Students will serve at least 300 hours per academic year.
  • Once accepted, incoming students will receive information about first-year Bonner orientation in August.
  • Incoming Bonners will meet community partners, fellow Bonner students and review the program details. Students will also provide their placement preferences (not guaranteed) then assigned their site.
  • Students arrange their own transportation to their service site.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students with service experience (including participation in High School activities, Faith-Based & Civic Organizations).
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, good interpersonal skills, committed, responsible, and passionate individuals.
  • Eligible for Federal Work-Study benefits.


Students will be required to:

  • Attend an orientation prior to Week of Welcome.
  • Serve 8-10 hours per week every week of the semester excluding exam weeks.
  • Attend training reflection sessions as part of their 8-10 hours of service/week.
  • Maintain good academic standing.
  • Attend monthly All-Bonner Meetings.
  • Enroll in the Civic Responsibility and Social Innovation minor.


Benefits of serving as a Bonner Leader:

  • Receive regular pay through Federal Work-Study (FWS)
  • Receive priority registration
  • May be able to receive academic credit for work associated with service
  • Special recognition opportunities
  • Attend national conferences and meet students from other campuses engaged in making a better world
  • Make contacts, develop leadership and workplace skills