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Program Overview

Welcome to the Interior Design Program at High Point University. Housed in the School of Art and Design, equal emphasis is placed on commercial and residential design, given our longstanding relationship with High Point Market and nationally recognized design leaders. The curriculum emphasizes critical and creative thinking skills, integration of course modules and opportunities for internships and study abroad experiences.

The mission of the Interior Design program is to provide a multi-faceted learning environment that develops students’ skills and knowledge through a wide variety of experiential opportunities that afford our graduates a diversity of professional career choices in the design and furnishings industry. The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design is accredited by CIDA and meets the education requirements for practicing designers applying to take the NCIDQ exam.

The Interior Design Program is part of the Knabusch-Shoemaker International School of Home Furnishings and Interior Design and housed in Norton Hall, which contains classroom spaces, faculty offices, studios, two computer-assisted design (CAD) labs, library/resource spaces, and a gallery to exhibit student work. The course work is divided into five tracks: Profession of Interior Design (6-10 cr.), Design Communications (16 cr.), Social and Cultural Exploration (10 cr.), Building Technologies (10 cr.) and Studio (24-28 cr.).

Through the department’s recognition of the significance of HPU’s Core Competencies, and accreditation requirements from the Council for Interior Design Accreditation and HPU’s regional accrediting body the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the faculty has identified a single, comprehensive outcome.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design program possess the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully meet the job requirements for entry-level positions in the interior design industry.

The faculty has identified 6 programmatic goals essential for students to achieve the aforementioned outcome. They will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Define problems as they relate to the field of Interior Design.
  2. Engage in pre-design investigations that demonstrate the ability to gather and analyze relevant information, evaluate issues, and set priorities.
  3. Explore and generate creative solutions via a systematic and coordinated design process that integrates functional and aesthetic concerns.
  4. Justify and defend design solutions as they relate to relevant criteria derived from the problem/program or larger concepts that recognize best practices or innovation (e.g., socio-economic, sustainability, global issues).
  5. Convey (written, graphic, oral) intent in a professional manner as appropriate to the audience.
  6. Utilize life-skills to enhance productivity, flexibility, adaptability and collegiality (presentation, leadership, time management, commitment, life-long learners, curious mind).

Criteria for Admission and Retention

Any student accepted to High Point University may enter the interior design program. A portfolio or separate admission process is not required. In order to progress in the program, students must:

  • earn a grade of ‘C’ or higher in all required Interior Design (INT) courses, and
  • pass a comprehensive exam given at the end of the freshman and sophomore sequences, and a portfolio review at the end of the junior year.

In order to graduate with a B.S. in Interior Design, students must have an overall GPA of 2.0.

All interior design studio courses require the acquisition of specific materials and supplies. Students are expected to develop and maintain a reference library of texts, samples, and other necessary materials to complete course projects. It is strongly recommended that students retain their textbooks to serve as valuable references in higher level courses and during their professional lives. Many of the texts may be used as references for portions of the comprehensive exams.

Transfer students: Portfolio review by interior design faculty is required if you are seeking credit for any previously completed design courses. Since course titles and contents vary from institution to institution, placement and acceptance of credit for High Point University interior design courses are based on examination of student work to ensure that student knowledge, skill sets, and graphic communication abilities are commensurate with acceptable work in specific High Point University interior design courses. Based on the results of the portfolio review, students may be asked to take an entrance exam for final placement.

If you would like additional information or have questions about our program, please contact Diane Stenersen at or 336-888-6355.


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