The interior design faculty at High Point University affirm the university and school values; that in order to be successful in a career and in life, one must make a choice to become extraordinary.

Faculty encourage students to continuously push beyond their own perceived boundaries by adopting an inquisitive, growth mindset, and a boundless spirit. Faculty facilitate the independent pursuit of knowledge and truth, by presenting students with big design challenges with multiple constraints and obstacles to overcome, and they inspire students by ensuring that they ‘look back down the mountain they climbed’ to celebrate their achievements.

Faculty believe that our discipline, the world and our place in it, are constantly evolving. While providing students with content knowledge, a primary goal is to drive student resourcefulness. Students are held responsible for their own learning, and later become lifelong learners. Students are taught information literacy skills and expected to assume a digital early adopter attitude. Material scarcity, object deficiency and information obsolescence in the future can be countered by their own learned resourcefulness.

Faculty model collaboration and mentorship. As practitioners and academics, faculty know the importance of collaborative and ethical work, and mirror those practices in the studios and the department. Through team-work, service-learning, mentoring and internships, students explore new pathways for discovering both the ‘power of many’ and the ‘power of one’. Faculty deem that individuals as design professionals can impact social and environmental justice at local and global levels, and they lead by their example. Students are emboldened to blaze their own trail, set goals, and to achieve lives of significance throughout their interior design career, while making the world safer and healthier.