The Bonner Leader Program

The High Point University Bonner Leader Program

The Bonner Leaders are HPU’s true servant leaders. They are the bridge that joins HPU students to the non-profits and social innovation projects of the Greater High Point area. Bonner Leaders help other students learn to serve well. All Bonners leave HPU with strong mentors, a dense network of community support, and real applicable job skills.


High Point University began its Bonner Leader Program in 2013. The Bonner Program now has over 40 student leaders, who are all low-income and committed to making a difference on and off-campus. The Bonner Leader Program puts students at the front-lines of change as it builds up their community understanding and leadership abilities through curricular and co-curricular experiences.

The Bonner cohort strives to be deeply diverse. We have Bonners from all over the country, nearly a third are first-generation college students, half are non-white, they fall all along the political spectrum, all Bonners qualify for Federal Work-Study, and Bonners practice a wide variety of religions. But ALL Bonners are committed to finding ways to work together and with our city to promote justice and the common good.

The Bonner Leader Program is a four-year responsibility. Students commit to 6-8 hours of community service each week, culminating in over 200 hours of community service during each academic year. In addition to consistent service with community partners, the Bonner Leader Program promotes leadership development in students through participation in the Civic Responsibility and Social Innovation degree program. This degree engages Bonners in weekly training and reflection workshops, team and skill-building activities, ethics courses, persuasive speaking courses, and a community-engaged capstone project.



The Bonner Leaders Program is part of a nationwide network of 70+ colleges and universities affiliated with and guided by the The Bonner Foundation. The program was founded in 1990 by the Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation located in Princeton, New Jersey. The Bonner Foundation works with colleges and universities across the nation to support students to attend college and to be active and involved in community service during their pursuit of an advanced degree.




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