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COVID-19 Update from The Office of Counseling Services

The Office of Counseling Services advances the educational mission of High Point University by providing quality psychological interventions, outreach, consultation, and referral services to address the mental, emotional, social, and academic needs of High Point University students.


We provide exceptional services and programming focused on student mental health. 

*Care – We demonstrate unconditional positive regard for each individual.

*Respect – We value the diversity and uniqueness of every student.

*Support – We support the community through advocacy, prevention, and educational outreach.

The Office of Counseling Services strives to provide comprehensive, developmental counseling services to all University students who may experience emotional, behavioral, and/or psychological concerns during college life.  All clinical staff are North Carolina Board Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors or North Carolina Board Licensed Clinical Social Workers. We contract with a North Carolina Board Licensed psychiatric provider to manage psychiatric medication needs. We recognize that this time in your life brings exploration of your abilities to manage stress, build relationships, balance work and play, and learn more about wellness. It is a time for change and growth. Our office can assist you in many ways during this important time.

Counseling services are available to currently enrolled students at High Point University and are covered by student fees. Any costs associated with medication that may be prescribed by our psychiatric provider are the responsibility of the client.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: We make every effort to schedule counseling appointments that work with your schedule.  Please check  COVID-19 Updates from The Office of Counseling Services  for more information on how current safety precautions may affect services and how to access care.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please do not email us or leave a voice mail and wait for a returned call. We want you to receive help immediately. In the case of emergency, please follow the instructions listed on our Mental Health Emergencies page.

Need a referral to a local mental health provider? Please contact us at and we will be glad to help.  We also recommend using the following site to locate a provider off-campus in your area:

If you are a community provider and would like to be added to our database, please contact us at:

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Monday - Friday
8:30am to 5:00pm 

High Point University
3rd Floor Slane Center
High Point, NC 27268
336-888-6306 (Confidential Fax)