Steve Wozniak
Innovator in Residence
Co-Founder of Apple
Access to Innovators
Steve Wozniak Innovator in Residence
Innovator in Residence
Steve Wozniak
Apple Co-Founder
Apple co-founder, or “The Woz”, has been connected with HPU since 2013. Woz meets with students in many majors including computer science, entrepreneurship, communication and more.
Entrepreneur in Residence
Marc Randolph
Netflix Co-Founder
Randolph works with students in a variety of majors, such as entrepreneurship, business and communication. He first visited HPU in 2015, when students pitched their business plans.
Cynt Marshall
Sports Executive in Residence
Cynt Marshall
Dallas Mavericks CEO
Marshall has been CEO of the Dallas Mavericks since 2018. Before joining the professional basketball team, she served as the president of AT&T North Carolina for more than six years.
Byron Pitts 600px t
Journalist in Residence
Byron Pitts
American journalist and author working for ABC News
Byron Pitts is an American journalist and author working for ABC News. Until 2013, he served as a chief national correspondent for The CBS Evening News.
John Maxwell e1613660854307 1024x979
Executive Coach in Residence
Dr. John C. Maxwell
Bestselling author and internationally renowned leadership expert
Dr. John C. Maxwell is a New York Times best selling author and motivational speaker. His titles include The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.
Dean Cain 683x1024
Actor in Residence
Dean Cain
American Actor, Producer and Televison Presenter
Dean Cain is known for playing the role of Superman in the TV series Lois and Clark, hosting Ripley's Believe it or Not, and starring in many other television series and film productions.
Joe Michaels 600x600
Broadcaster in Residence
Joe Michaels
Director of the NBC "Today" show for 22 years
Joe Michaels joined HPU in 2015 after retiring from a career at “TODAY." The eight-time Emmy award-winning director works with students in the School of Communication.
Karen Jacobsen 600x600 t
Global Artist in Residence
Karen Jacobsen
The "GPS Girl"
Jacobsen is internationally known for her voiceover work and has been featured in text-to-speech systems in more than 400 million GPS and smart devices worldwide.
Bob Ryan 600x600 t
Sports Reporter in Residence
Bob Ryan
Retired sports columnist for the Boston Globe
Ryan has been writing for the Globe since 1968, covering all of Boston’s sports teams. He is well-known for his coverage of basketball and the Boston Celtics in the 1970s.
William E. Kennard e1614871466936
Global Leader in Residence
William "Bill" E. Kennard
Former U.S. Ambassador and FCC Chairman
Kennard served as the U.S. Ambassador to the European Union from 2009 to 2013. He currently serves as the chairman of the Board of Directors of AT&T, Inc.
sanborn mark2 800px edit
Leadership Expert in Residence
Mark Sanborn
President of Leadership Development Idea Lab Sanborn & Associates
Sanborn was ranked No. 5 in Global Gurus World’s Top 30 Leadership Professionals for 2019. He also holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the NSA.
Laurence Quinn Sales Professional In Residence
Sales Professional in Residence
Larry Quinn
Chair of the Department of Marketing and Sales
Larry Quinn has mentored HPU students since 2013 after working in the business world as a top executive in sales and marketing for companies including EDS and Xerox.
Innovator 2
Trust Expert in Residence
David Horsager
CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute
Horsager is the bestselling author of The Trust Edge and CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute. His clients range from Fortune 100 companies to pro sports teams to global governments.
Scott McKain 600px t
Corporate Educator in Residence
Scott McKain
Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Sales & Customer Service Expert
McKain is recognized as one of the 50 most influential marketing authors. He is Chairman of the Distinction Institute and a keynote speaker on delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience.
HPU Ben Owen 2
Artist in Residence
Ben Owen III
Studio Potter
Owen currently works in Seagrove, North Carolina, and was born into a traditional pottery family. Works created by Owen are included in numerous museum collections including the Smithsonian.
hpu dominos coo russell weiner (1)
Corporate Executive in Residence
Russell Weiner
President and COO of Domino's
Weiner oversees the global centers of excellence teams responsible for marketing, store growth and development, franchise relations, analytics and insights, and e-commerce.
Dee Ann Turner HPU 832x1024
Talent Acquisition Expert in Residence
Dee Ann Turner
Chick-Fil-A Former Vice President for Talent
As CEO of Dee Ann Turner & Associates, LLC, and a two-time bestselling author, Turner is an expert in understanding how employers identify and attract talent to help lead their organizations.
Rev. Al Ward e1619632192303 885x1024
Clergy in Residence
Rev. Dr. J. Alexander "Al" Ward
Former Senior Pastor of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church
Ward graduated from High Point University in 1974. He went on to receive his Master of Divinity at Duke Divinity School and a Doctor of Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary.
HPU Dental Innovator Dr. Workman
Dental Innovator in Residence
Dr. Rick Workman
Founder of Heartland Dental
Workman serves as Heartland Dental’s executive chairman. Before founding the company in 1997, Workman practiced dentistry for nearly 20 years. Today, Workman provides leadership advice to the more than 1,500 dental offices nationwide through various speaking engagements.
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