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30 gardens featuring over 350 taxa of trees and 2,500 taxa of plants.
Featured Gardens
Topiary Fusion Garden
Topiary Fusion Garden
The Topiary Fusion Garden is located in the Mahler Promenade between Congdon Hall and Wanek School of Natural Sciences and has been extended to the Plato S. Wilson School of Commerce and the Caine Conservatory.
Mark and Julie Phillips Sculpture Garden
The Mark and Julie Phillips Sculpture Garden, located between Blessing Hall and Millis Gym, is a place for the University and the broader community to experience student and professional works. The HPU community can linger and enjoy diverse works of art that interact with the surrounding environment educating and inspiring greater artistic awareness.
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Lakeside Gardens
In the center of Hayworth Park, the Lakeside Gardens features several selections of deciduous hollies and irises.
Pat Plaxico Climbing Rose Garden
The Pat Plaxico Climbing Rose Garden houses a collection of old-fashioned climbing roses that frame a beautiful arbor and various climbing structure. Visitors can also find both purple and white-flowered clematis vines, and David Austin roses that bloom in pink and yellow.
At High Point University, we plant seeds of greatness in the hearts, minds and souls of our students.
Dr. Nido Qubein
High Point University President
Kester International Promenade
I walk thought the gardens often between classes or I go there to sit, relax, and breathe in nature underneath the canopy of trees, and it makes me think that the trees and plants are like us students. We're all working together to lift each other up.
Jennifer West
HPU Student
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Botanical gardens connect not only to our memories but to our soul.
Jon Roethling
Former Curator
We need something that pulls us away from our phones and in that glimpse away from technology, we see the flowers, the trees, the stones, and we're reorganized in a way that pulls us into a place of wonder.
Reverend Dr. Preston Davis
Minister to the University
The beautification of the campus goes beyond self-interest. It's a service to the community, a really wonderful asset. Being in the presence of nature is awe-inspiring, and walking through the gardens, you realize how special it is.
Dr. Susan Linker
Retired HPU Professor
When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves
David Orr
College Professor
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It's my special place on campus. It reminds me of my boys and their mother, and it reminds me of God and believing in things you don't ever see. It keeps my heart beating.
Dr. Don Scarborough
Retired HPU Administrator
Through their blooms and fragrances, plants can connect us to our own subconscious and take us back to a place or a person we'll always deem as special, and when I was at HPU, I saw that happen so many times
Jon Roethling
Former Gardens Curator
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I think being surrounded by beautiful things is an antidote to some of the uncertainties of the world
Eleanor Horsey Ridley
Plant Explorer