Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy

Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy

Welcome to the Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy at High Point University in High Point, N.C. Our faculty and staff train clinicians who are dedicated to patient care in all settings and possess the skills and knowledge to practice pharmacy at the highest level possible. Our educational model includes a focus on the basic pharmaceutical knowledge and skills necessary to successfully make quality critical decisions combined with clinical training in various settings.

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To provide an extraordinary pharmacy education through the integration of biomedical and clinical sciences that enables future pharmacists to excel in a dynamic healthcare environment as a member of the healthcare team.


To be a premier school of pharmacy advancing education and research that prepares compassionate and inspired healthcare leaders for the local and global community.


  1. Provide students with a comprehensive pharmacy education that carefully integrates basic and clinical sciences.
  2. Develop within students the process of analytical thought, enabling them to reason through clinical and scientific problems.
  3. Promote for all faculty and students, a passion for clinical and scientific discovery to advance healthcare.
  4. Maintain an environment of caring and acceptance for personal and cultural differences, to develop kind, compassionate, and accepting pharmacy practitioners.
  5. Expose students to real-world situations that prepare them to function effectively within health care environments.

Educational Philosophy

HPU SOP will utilize a closely integrated basic and clinical science curriculum to promote student application of the full range of skills necessary to provide patient-centered pharmaceutical care. Our teaching methods will utilize evidence-based techniques that promote long-term learning and expand the ability to synthesize the rapidly changing knowledge in healthcare.

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