Wanek School of Natural Sciences

Wanek School of Natural Sciences


Thank you for your interest in the Wanek School of Natural Sciences! We are a  community of over 450 scientist scholars from five different disciplines: biology, biochemistry, chemistry, neuroscience and physics. The faculty who lead our programs are internationally recognized for their scientific expertise and for their innovative approaches to undergraduate education. Our vision – which guides all of our day-to-day activities, whether inside the classroom, in the laboratory, or while conducting fieldwork – is to be an internationally recognized center of excellence that inspires, motivates and prepares students to be the visionary scientists and healthcare practitioners of tomorrow’s world.

Our Mission

The mission of the Wanek School of Natural Sciences is to foster in students the knowledge, talent, and leadership skills that will allow them to make significant contributions to our understanding of the natural world; to help solve problems related to the changing earth, human health, and the environment; and to distinguish themselves in their professions as creative, ethical leaders who are socially engaged, historically informed, and who value diversity of thought.

Our Commitment to our Students

In keeping with the liberal arts tradition of High Point University, the Wanek School of Natural Sciences values critical thinking, excellence in communication (both oral and written), information literacy, and cultural competency. To instill in students these life skills, the School has established the following goals for each of its innovative, research-intensive programs:

  • to recruit and hire accomplished scientists who are passionate about undergraduate education, mentorship, and sharing their infectious curiosity about the natural world;
  • to offer courses that are delivered with pedagogies known to be “best practices” for fostering in students the skills, attitudes and behaviors of a scientist;
  • to steep all educational experiences in scientific inquiry;
  • to provide hands-on learning experiences with state-of-the art scientific instrumentation and computer technology;
  • to use teaching practices that address the emotional components of learning, by promoting among students a strong sense of community, a growth mindset, and confidence in their professional identity;
  • to hold high standards of professionalism; and
  • to provide students with the understanding and skills necessary to work in a diverse world.



Dr. Brett Woods

Interim Dean, Wanek School of Natural Sciences

Office #339 WSNS



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