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The Biology program at High Point University introduces students to the logic and knowledge base of biological sciences. The program provides students the opportunity to create a foundation that allows them to learn and understand the impact of science on their individual and corporate lives.

“Being a biology major has been one of the best decisions of my life, since my professors have helped me grow both academically and personally by challenging me every day in lectures and labs. I am thankful for the opportunity to become a lab assistant and do undergraduate research, which has strengthened my skills and prepared me for graduate school.”

– Jessica Chavez, Class of 2013

A Focused Curriculum

High Point University’s Biology Department offers both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees. Students seeking a B.A. in biology will receive a solid foundation in biology and the basic foundations in chemistry and mathematics. The B.A. track allows considerable flexibility for students to take courses of study to meet specific career goals. Graduates can expect to find careers in teaching, pharmaceutical or technical sales, science writing, science museum work, laboratory positions, public health, quality control and professional schools.

Students pursuing a B.S. in biology take courses in biology and supporting areas, such as chemistry, mathematics, and statistics, that will provide sufficient depth to prepare them for success as biologists in graduate school, in education, in industry, and in professional schools (medicine, dentistry, podiatry, veterinary medicine and other health related fields).

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