Wanek School of Natural Sciences

Instrumentation and Equipment

Cell Culture Facility

  • Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinets (Labconco Purifier Logic +)
  • Inverted compound microscope (Leica DMi1)
  • Digital water bath (Fisher)
  • Direct heat CO2 incubators (NUAIRE NU-5810)
  • Aspiration waste system (Argos E-Vac)
  • Vortex mixer (BIO-RAD)
  • Refrigerated microcentrifuge (VWR Clinical 200)
  • Cell counter (Nexcelom Mini)
  • Fluorescent microscope imaging systems (Invitrogen EVOS XL Core)
  • Water purification system (Millipore Direct-Q 3)

Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, and Genetics (Instructional)

  • Stereo microscopes (Leica EZ4)
  • Compound microscopes (Leica DM500)
  • Fluorescent compound microscopes (Leica DMIL LED)
  • Portable top-loading balances (Genemate, VWR)
  • Hotplate / stirrers (Fisher, Thermo Scientific)
  • Digital water baths (Fisher, Thermo Scientific)
  • Orbital shakers (Genemate, VWR)
  • pH meters (Fisher, VWR)
  • Gravity convection incubators (VWR, Fisher)
  • Adjustable micropipettes (Genemate, VWR)
  • Vortex mixers (Genemate)
  • Microcentrifuges (Genemate, Labnet)
  • Digital dry baths (Genemate)
  • PCR thermocyclers (BIO-RAD T100)
  • Horizontal mini electrophoresis systems (Accuris, VWR)
  • Vertical electrophoresis systems (BIO-RAD)
  • Electrophoresis system power supplies (BIO-RAD)
  • Transilluminators (Clare Chemical DR 196, Fisher)
  • Gel imaging system (BIO-RAD ChemiDoc MP)
  • Environmental growth chamber (Percival 1-30 BLL)
  • Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet (Labconco Purifier Logic +)
  • Water purification system (Millipore Elix 5 and Synergy)

Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, and Genetics (Research)

  • Stereo microscopes (Leica EZ4 and EZ4D, Wolfe)
  • Compound microscope (Singer Instruments Spore Play)
  • Inverted compound microscopes (ECHO REB-01)
  • Fluorescent compound microscope (Leica M205C)
  • Slide warmer (Fisher)
  • Top-loading balances (Genemate, Ohaus)
  • Analytical balances (Mettler Toledo MS104S and TLE)
  • Hotplate / stirrers (Corning, Fisher, Genemate, Thermolyne)
  • Digital water baths (Fisher, Thermo Scientific, VWR)
  • Orbital shakers (Scientific Industries, VWR)
  • Rocker / labroller (Labnet)
  • pH meters (Genemate, Thermo Scientific Orion)
  • Mini incubators (Labnet)
  • Gravity convection incubators (Fisher, VWR)
  • Incubator / shaker (Genemate)
  • Adjustable micropipettes (Bio Express, BIO-RAD, Corning, Eppendorf, Gilson)
  • Multi-channel micropipettes (Fisher, Genemate, Eppendorf)
  • Vortex mixers (Fisher, Genemate, Scientific Industries, VWR)
  • Sonicator (Fisher)
  • Mini bead beater (BioSpec)
  • Microcentrifuges (Genemate, Eppendorf, Labnet)
  • Refrigerated microcentrifuge (Eppendorf 5424R)
  • Refrigerated centrifuge (Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22R)
  • Plate centrifuge (Genemate)
  • Digital dry baths (Genemate, Labnet, Thermo Scientific)
  • PCR thermocyclers (Applied Biosystems Veriti, BIO-RAD T100, Techne TC-312)
  • Real-time PCR thermocycler (Applied Biosystems Step One)
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000c)
  • Horizontal electrophoresis systems (BIO-RAD, Fisher Biotech Owl, Genemate)
  • Vertical electrophoresis systems (BIO-RAD, Invitrogen)
  • Electrophoresis system power supplies (BIO-RAD)
  • Blot transfer system (BIO-RAD)
  • Transilluminator (Fotodyne)
  • Microplate readers (BioTek SynergyH1)
  • Flow cytometer (BD Accuri C6 Plus)
  • Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet (NUAIRE)
  • – 80 C ultra-low freezers (Thermo Scientific Revco)
  • Small capacity autoclaves (Steelco VS)
  • 3D printer (Fusion3)
  • Water purification system (Millipore Milli-Q Direct 16)

Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Biodiversity (Instructional)

  • Stereo microscopes (Leica EZ4)
  • Compound microscopes (Lecia DM500)
  • Plant growth carts

Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Biodiversity (Research)

  • Stereo microscopes (M80, S9D, S9i, Stereo Zoom 6 Photo)
  • Compound microscopes (Nikon Eclipse E200MV, Nikon Labophot)
  • Analytical balance (H&C Weighing Systems)
  • General purpose incubators (Shel Lab)
  • Lab oven (Quincy Lab)
  • Vacuum oven (Napco)
  • Muffle furnace (Thermo Scientific)
  • Vibratome sectioning system (Oxford)
  • Photosynthesis yield analyzer (Walz Mni-Pam)
  • Environmental growth chambers (Percival I-36LLVL)

Environmental Science

  • Stereo microscopes (Wolfe)
  • Compound microscopes (National)
  • Environmental test meter (GrayWolf DirectSense)

Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • Compound microscopes (Leica DM500)
  • BIOPAC student lab systems (BIOPAC Systems MP36)
  • Water purification system (Millipore Elix 5)


  • Stereo microscopes (Leica EZ4)
  • Environmental growth chambers (Percival I36VL)
  • High-speed camera (Phantom VEO)
  • Water purification system (Millipore Elix 5)


  • Compound microscopes (Leica DM750)
  • Top-loading balance (Ohaus)
  • Hotplate / stirrers (Corning, Fisher)
  • Digital water baths (VWR)
  • pH meter (VWR symphony)
  • Gravity convection incubators (Thermo Scientific Heratherm IGS180)
  • Incubator / shaker (Thermo Scientific MaxQ 4000)
  • Adjustable micropipettes (Fisher)
  • Microcentrifuges (Fisher)
  • Digital dry baths (Thermo Scientific)
  • Ceramic incinerator (Kendall)
  • Water purification systems (Millipore Elix 5, Direct-Q 3)


  • Stereo microscopes (Leica EZ4, Wolfe, Zeiss Stemi 305)
  • Cryostat microtomes (Leica CM1860 UV)
  • Slide warmer (Premiere)
  • Adjustable micropipettes (Corning)
  • Refrigerated microcentrifuge (Sorvall Legend Micro 21R)
  • Horizontal electrophoresis systems (Thermo Scientific Owl)
  • Mini blot modules (Invitrogen)
  • Vertical electrophoresis systems (Invitrogen)
  • Power supplies (Life Technologies, Thermo Scientific)
  • Transilluminator (Clare Chemical DR 196)
  • Fluorescent microscope imaging systems (Invitrogen EVOS Floid, M5000)
  • Water purification system (Millipore Elix 5)

Zebrafish Facility

  • Aquatic systems (AQUANEERING, PENTAIR)
  • Stereo microscopes (Wolfe)
  • Portable top-loading balance (Genemate)
  • Adjustable micropipettes (Genemate)


Biology at HPU


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