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Undergraduate research, public outreach, summer internships, publications, and R&D projects…there’s a lot going on in the Department of Physics at High Point University. We invite you to browse our website, blog, course materials, and photo galleries. But if you really want to know what we are about, we encourage you to come to campus and spend time with our faculty, our physics majors, and our alumni. We love to talk physics and astronomy, and we love to show you our results. (2014-2015 Annual Report, 79 MB)

Dr. Aaron Titus (
Associate Professor of Physics and Chair, Department of Physics
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[August 4, 2015] The Panther CLAWS team tested their Chip ‘N’ Ship device at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab at Johnson Space Center. The team consists of Hallie Stidham, Jacob Brooks, Simeon Simeonides, Matt Iczkowski, Michael Cantor, and Alan Vasquez.  Alumni Eric Scarlett and Jeremy Allen, Dr. Barlow, and Dr. Titus helped the team with design and fabrication. Here are some photos from today’s experiment in the pool.

trial-01 contact-with-rock


2015 Publications

PSR J1930-1852: a Pulsar in the Widest Known Orbit around Another Neutron Star (J. K. Swiggum, R. Rosen, M. A. McLaughlin, D. R. Lorimer, S. Heatherly, R. Lynch, S. Scoles, T. Hockett, E. Filik, J. A. Marlowe, B. N. Barlow, M. Weaver, M. Hilzendeger, S. Ernst, R. Crowley, E. Stone, B. Miller, R. Nunez, G. Trevino, M. Doehler, A. Cramer, D. Yencsik, J. Thorley, R. Andrews, A. Laws, K. Wenger, L. Teter, T. Snyder, A. Dittmann, S. Gray, M. Carter, C. McGough, S. Dydiw, C. Pruett, J. Fink, A. Vanderhout), In The Astrophysical Journal, volume 805, 2015. [doi]
Highly responsive core-shell microactuator arrays for use in viscous and viscoelastic fluids (Briana L Fiser, Adam R Shields, M R Falvo, R Superfine), In Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, volume 25, 2015. [doi]
Matter and Interactions, Fourth Edition Student Solutions Manual (Aaron P. Titus, Paul J. Hefner), Wiley, 2015.

2014-2015 Highlights

2015 Summer Internships for Physics Majors

Panther CLAWS team works on NASA-sponsored Chip ‘n’ Ship Project

Dr. DeWitt and Physics Students Contribute to PYPTUG Near Space Balloon Flight

HPUniverse Day brings more than 1,000 people to campus for astronomy-related activities

(…more events and activities)

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