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Physics is the study of the Universe, from particles to galaxies and beyond. Its language is mathematics, its domain is the Universe itself, and its applications are as diverse as science itself. A primary goal of physics is to discover the underlying laws that govern matter and its interactions.

The Physics program at High Point University is founded on the principle that the first day of your first year at HPU is the beginning of your career as a scientist. Your principal objective as a scientist is to seek answers to interesting questions. Your principal objective as a student is to learn the tools required for inquiry—problem solving, fundamental physics, experimental methods, computational modeling and computer programming, mathematics, and communication. When you graduate from High Point University with a degree in physics, you will have the skills, passion, and confidence of a scientist who is prepared for a career in a technical field or graduate study in any related scientific, engineering, or professional discipline.

Your classes, laboratory experiences, and independent undergraduate research projects will help you develop a scientific skill set with expertise in:

  • Experimental design and data analysis
  • Problem solving and analytical reasoning
  • Electronics and instrumentation
  • Computational modeling
  • Computer programming in a variety of languages including Python, LabView, Java, and MATLAB
  • Undergraduate research with faculty mentors
  • Preparation of scientific articles, proposals, and posters in LaTeX
  • Oral presentations of research results
  • Fundamental theoretical physics in Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Statistical Mechanics / Thermodynamics
The core values that distinguish our program are:

1. Creative and contemporary teaching that incorporates modern physics from the first day of the first year
2. Computational modeling and computer programming
3. Undergraduate research
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Our four full-time faculty specialize in theoretical physics; materials science, biomimetics and nanotechnology; computational physics; and astrophysics. We tailor students’ undergraduate research projects to their experience and ability so that all students can participate in discovery, from the freshman year to the senior year. Example projects include: fabricating biomimetric cilia to study viscous fluid flow, dynamics of a spring released from uniform circular motion, the effect of throwing technique on the motion of a boldeadora, a quark model calculation of a meson spectrum, designing an apparatus to measure Young’s modulus, finding an approximate age for the open star cluster NGC 2422, and measuring the elasticity of Thera-Band resistance bands.


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