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Physics Faculty

We have five full-time physics faculty and two part-time faculty. Our core values are:

  1. Research
  2. Engaging and Effective Teaching
  3. Interdisciplinary Collaborations
  4. Theory, Experiment, and Computation
  5. Mentoring
  6. Outreach

Dr. Brad Barlow

Dr. Brad Barlow (
Associate Professor of Astrophysics
(336) 841-9542

Dr. Barlow has a B.S. in physics from Mississippi State University and a Ph.D. in physics (astrophysics concentration) from UNC Chapel Hill. Dr. Barlow’s research interests include pulsating stars, eclipsing binaries, and stellar remnants, including white dwarfs, hot subdwarfs, and neutron stars.

Dr. Briana Fiser

Dr. Briana Fiser (
Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics
(336) 841-9412

Dr. Fiser has a B.S. in physics and mathematics from the University of Mississippi, a M.S. in physics from UNC-Chapel Hill, and a Ph.D. in physics from UNC-Chapel Hill. Her specific areas of interest are biomimetics, microfluidics, and soft matter.

Dr. Khalida Hendricks

Dr. Khalida Hendricks (
Assistant Professor of Physics
(336) 841-2862

Dr. Hendricks has a B.S. in physics and applied mathematics from North Carolina State University and a M.S. and Ph.D. in physics from The Ohio State University. She also has associate’s degrees in intelligence operations and Arabic. Her field of research is elementary particle physics theory, focusing on high energy collider phenomenology, Higgs physics, and physics beyond the Standard Model. She additionally currently serves as a Sergeant Major in the United States Army Reserves, having previously served as an active duty service member in the Army with assignments to Korea, Germany, and Ft. Bragg, where she was a member of the U.S. Army Parachute Team, the "Golden Knights".

Dr. Jarrett Lancaster

Dr. Jarrett Lancaster (
Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Lancaster has a BS in physics and applied mathematics from UNC Greensboro and a PhD in physics from New York University. His research areas include emergent phenomena, quantum many-body dynamics, nonlinear phenomena and field theory. Dr. Lancaster's postdoctoral work focused on applications of theoretical methods to medicine and nanoscale biophysics.

Dr. Aaron Titus

Dr. Aaron Titus (
Professor of Physics
(336) 841-4668

Dr. Titus has a B.S. in physics from Penn State University and a Ph.D. in physics from North Carolina State University. His areas of interest are astronomy, computational physics, educational technology, electronics, and physics of sports. He is the Four-Year College Representative for the American Association of Physics Teachers for 2013-2016.

Mr. Jeff Regester

jeff-regesterMr. Jeff Regester (
Instructor of Physics and Astronomy
(336) 841-9757

Mr. Regester has a B.S. in Applied and Engineering Physics and a B.A. in Archaeology from Cornell University and a M.S. in Astronomy from the University of Arizona. His areas of interest are astronomy, engineering, physics education, physics demonstrations, and laboratory apparatuses. Mr. Regester performed an experiment on NASA's reduced gravity aircraft (i.e. the vomit comet). He also observed Pluto occultations with a NASA and NSF funded team preparing for the New Horizons mission at locations in Tasmania, Reunion Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, New Mexico and North Carolina.

Mr Regester oversees our 3D printer, ShopBot, and maker space. He teaches students how to safely use the shop tools and has helped them build apparatuses for research and projects.

Ms. Erin Brady

jeff-regesterMs. Erin Brady (
Planetarium and Physics Laboratory Manager
(336) 841-2824

Ms. Brady has a B.S. in physics and studio art from High Point University. Her areas of interest include scientific outreach, data-driven artwork, and STEAM educational programs. She enjoys creating planetarium shows that are visually arresting and scientifically accurate and has previously worked on designing activities to engage middle school students in observational astronomy using robotic telescopes.

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