Administrative Staff and Offices



Administrative Staff

Nido R. Qubein, President
Dennis G. Carroll, Provost
Denny G. Bolton, Executive Vice President
Andy Bills, Senior Vice President for Enrollment
Roger Clodfelter, Senior Vice President for Communications
Chris Dudley, Senior Vice President for Development
Gail C. Tuttle, Senior Vice President for Student Life
Jeffrey M. Adams, Vice President for Research and Planning
Debi Butt, Vice President for Financial Affairs
Dan Hauser, Athletic Director
Stephen Potter, Vice President Facilities And Auxiliary Operations

Academic Development

Karen Naylon, Assistant Dean of Academic Services
Craig Curty
, Director of Academic Services
Rita Sullivant Roberts, Director of Disability Support
Sarah Bryce, Academic Advisor
Dana Bright, Disability Support Specialist
Suzanne Hawks, Disability Support Technology
Debra Pomeroy, Director of Learning Excellence
Natalie O’Connor, Learning Excellence Specialist
Heather Slocum, Learning Excellence Specialist
Kimberly Pope, Learning Excellence Specialist
Mark Strejc, Learning Excellence Specialist
Laura Valle, Learning Excellence Specialist
Leanne Wieland, Learning Excellence Specialist
Mary Guthrie, Administrative Assistant


Andy Bills, Senior Vice President for Enrollment
Kerr Ramsay, Associate Vice President for Admissions Recruitment
George Terry, Assistant Vice President of Admissions Technology & Operations
Tony Robinson, Director Of Admissions CRM
Joseph Cristy, Director of Admissions Recruitment
Jennifer Curtin, Director of Admissions Marketing Services
Rachel Ward, Director of Admissions Events
Heidi Waibel, Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Sally Smith, Associate Director for Regional Admissions
Karen Gerrior-Mariani, Assistant Director for Regional Admissions
Sarah Michalec, Assistant Director of Marketing Services
Julee Mitsler, Assistant Director of Admissions
Meaghan Rabb, Assistant Director of Admissions
Whitney Belk, Senior Admissions Counselor
Dylan Robinson, Senior Admissions Counselor
Kayleigh Bush, Regional Admissions Counselor – California
Taylor Bradley, Admissions Counselor
Mandi Duncan, Admissions Counselor
Taylor Elliott, Admissions Counselor
TJ Foster III, Admissions Counselor
Molly Horst, Admissions Counselor
Sarah Lytle, Admissions Counselor
Brittany Melvin, Admissions Counselor
Shannon Williams, Admissions Counselor
Ashley Miller, Admissions Phone Counselor
Taylor Higgins, Marketing Coordinator
Sally Farrar, Senior Campus Visit Coordinator
Laney Morris, Senior Campus Visit Coordinator
Melissa Lawson, Weekend Campus Visit Coordinator
Gina Weathers, Weekend Campus Visit Coordinator
Denise Sealy, Enrollment Data Manager
Bill Deitrick, Enrollment Data Analyst
Jennifer Norton, Enrollment Data Processor
Dana Lopp, Enrollment Services Coordinator
Debbye Cureton, Mail Services Coordinator
Carrie DeChambeau, Admissions Mail Services Assistant

Athletics – Directors

Dan Hauser, Athletic Director
Chris Wood, Senior Associate Athletic Director – Internal & External Operations
Corey Bass, Associate Athletic Director for Development
Dan Clark, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing
Josh Geruso, Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Training
Kim Grissett, Assistant Athletic Director for Business and Tickets
Mark LaFrance, Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Communications
Sam Phipps
, Assistant Athletic Director of Facilities and Operations
Kyle Richards, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
April Wines, Assistant Athletic Director for Academics
Nathan Bollinger, Director of Basketball Player Development
Scott Lombardi, Director of Baseball Operations
Hailey Yohn, Women’s Basketball Director of Operations
Joe Arancio, Assistant Director for Sports Information
Kelly Lyles, Assistant Director for Sports Marketing
Cory McCune, Assistant Director for Athletic Communications
Brian Moore, Assistant Director of Facilities & Operations

Athletics – Coaches

C. Craig Cozart, Head Baseball Coach
Kenny Smith, Assistant Baseball Coach
Jason Laws, Assistant Baseball Coach
Rick Marlin, Assistant Coach

Scott Cherry, Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Ahmad Dorsett, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Eric Gabriel, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Trey Brown, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
DeUnna Hendrix, Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Jenna Burkett, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Laura Harper, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Lori Drake, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

Greg Flesher, Head Men’s Golf Coach
Vici Pate Flesher, Head Women’s Golf Coach

Jon Torpey, Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach
Pat Tracy, Associate Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach
Ron Garling, Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach
Lyndsey Boswell, Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach
Christina Sheridan, Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach

EJ O’Keeffe, Head Men’s Soccer Coach
John Trice, Associate Head Men’s Soccer Coach
Michael Chesler, Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach
Marty Beall, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Brandi Fontaine, Associate Head Women’s Soccer Coach

Track & Field, Cross Country
Mike Esposito, Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Track & Field Coach
Jenna Wreiden, Head Women’s Cross Country Coach
Scott Hall, Assistant Men’s and Women’s Track & Field Coach
Nate Thiesfeld, Assistant Men’s and Women’s Track & Field Coach
Scott Houston, PT Assistant Men’s and Women’s Track & Field Coach

Thomas Mendoza, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
Jake Hong, Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach

Strength and Conditioning
Ryan Billings, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Andrew Crossley, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Curry Williams, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Athletics – Staff

Ana Holt, Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director
April Brown, Academic Advisor
Cara D’Andrea, Multi Media Coordinator
Heather Colleran, Sports Dietician
Allyson Connally, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Amy Richmond, Assistant Athletic Trainer


Bill Holston, Manager
Elaine Clarke, Textbook Manager

Business Office

Debi Butt, Vice President for Financial Affairs
Nancy Gordon, Manager of Accounting Services
Jamie Naylor, Senior Accountant
Rebecca Goad, Senior Accountant
Dwanna Hayworth, Accounts Payable Specialist
Alison Banther, Accounts Payable Specialist
Deborah Moser, Purchasing/Receivables Accountant
Tina Overby, Disbursements/General Ledger Accountant
Gene Bunting, Manager of Contracts & Procurement

Career and Professional Development

Bridget Holcombe, Director of Career and Internship Services
Doug Hall, Career Advisor – Nido R. Qubein School of Communication
Eric Melniczek, Career Advisor and Internship Coordinator
Kellie McLeod, Career Advisor
Elizabeth Walker, Career Advisor
Lindsay Kremer, Office Manager and Recruitment Coordinator

College of Arts and Sciences

Carole Stoneking, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
Matthew Schneider, Associate Dean
Carol Peden, Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences


Roger Clodfelter, Senior Vice President for Communications
Hillary Kokajko, Senior Director of Interactive Media
Pam Haynes, Director of Media Relations
Mary Ealley, Director of Communication Management
Jeri Rowe, Senior Writer
Chad Christian, University Photographer
Hannah McLendon, Project Manager
Lyndsey Derrow, Chief Campus Concierge
Alisha Richardson, Campus Concierge
Heather Scott, Campus Concierge
Traci Lane, Campus Concierge
Jordan Coakley, Social Media Specialist
Becky King, Communication Specialist
Dalton Cox, Producer and Video Editor
William Linthicum, Presentation Support Specialist
Marilyn Myers, Print Services Coordinator

Construction and Renovation

Jason Sweet, Director of Construction and Renovation
Andrea May, Administrative and Financial Coordinator

Employee Wellness

Melissa Marion, Director of Employee Wellness Program

Facility and Auxiliary Operations

Stephen Potter, Vice President Facilities And Auxiliary Operations
Barry Kitley, Director of Special Projects
Marnie Marlette, Medical Director
Troy Thompson, Director of Facility Operations
Laura Thompson, Director of Hospitality Services
Jason Wilkes, Project Manager
Brett McCurry, Logistics & Warehouse Manager
Bryan Schoenberger, Warehouse Operator
Alexandra Norton, Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

Kathy Smith, Director of Human Resources
DeAnna Milillo, Human Resources Manager
Armeka Ware, Payroll Manager
Whitney Neal, Manager, Student Employment Program
Alex Jones, Human Resources Coordinator
Amy Loflin, Student Employment Coordinator

Information Technology

John Champion, Chief Information Officer
Curtis Barker, Manager of Infrastructure Services
Scott Moffitt, Manager of User Support Services
Lon Ratcliff, Manager of Enterprise Application Services
Jacob Dettloff, Server Administrator
Jonathan Luther, Server Administrator
Doug Smith, Associate Server Administrator
Nathaniel Cecil, Associate Server Administrator
JC Covington, Network Analyst
Andre Johnson, Associate Network Analyst
Anthony Otranto, Associate Network Analyst
Debra Scott, IT Data Analyst
Ethan Englehorn, Business Analyst
Brian Samson, Business Analyst
Spencer Forney, A/V Systems Analyst
Justine Nienow, A/V Systems Analyst
Carla Parrish, Training Specialist
Victoria Phibbs,  Training Specialist
Matthew Watkins, Training Specialist
Ray Chidester, Systems Specialist
Karen Link, Systems Specialist
Ruel Lapiz, Systems Specialist
Nathan Thanos, Systems Specialist
Toni Wooten-Wright, Systems Specialist
Kevin Green, Web Specialist
Charles Francis, Computing Support Analyst
Liad Herrick, Computing Support Analyst
Ryan Kelly, Computing Support Analyst
Curtis McGrady, Computing Support Analyst
Malik Wheeler, Computing Support Analyst
Whitley Holbrook, HelpDesk Associate
Candace Hudak, HelpDesk Associate

Institutional Advancement

Chris Dudley, Senior Vice President for Development
Gale N. Varner, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
Don Scarborough, Planned Giving Officer
Erica Burroughs, Director of Family Engagement
Rita S. Williams, Director of Advancement Services
Kim Blair, Director of Alumni Engagement
Shea Hunter, Assistant Director for Stewardship
Susan L. Sullivan, Manager of Advancement Services
Hayley Harris, Young Alumni & Student Philanthropy Officer
Michael Amos, Advancement Officer
Kimberly Maddrey, Advancement Officer
Michael E. Tuttle, Advancement Officer
Denise G. Lanier, Gift Processing Coordinator
Renee A. Taylor, Director of Corporate, Foundation & Community Support
McKenzie Diehm, Advancement Research Analyst


David L. Bryden, Director of Library Services
Michael Ingram, Technical Services Librarian
Sheri A. Teleha, Serials and Catalog Librarian
Leanne Jernigan, Wanek Center Librarian
Nita Williams, Circulation Librarian
Karen Harbin, Acquisitions Librarian
Robert Fitzgerald, Jr., Interlibrary Loan and Reference Librarian
Andrew Fair, Evening Librarian
Amy Chadwell, Media & Digital Services Librarian

Mail Services

Mike Hall, Manager, Mail Services
Amy Branson
, Assistant Manager
Shirley Davis, Package Delivery Coordinator
Jordan Harrison, Mail Distribution Coordinator
Rachel Parlier, Mail Distribution Coordinator

Norcross Graduate School

Andrew Modlin, Associate Vice President of Graduate Admissions
Lars Farabee, Assistant Vice President of Graduate Admissions
Carene Kelsey, Recruiter for Graduate School Programs
Lauren Saul, Recruiter for Graduate Programs

Office of International Student Services

Marjorie Church, Director of ESL/International Student Affairs

President’s Office

Nido Qubein, President
Judy Ray, Administrative Assistant to the President
Jeannie Derrow, Office Assistant


Danny Brooks, University Registrar
Ann Miller, Senior Associate Registrar
Crystal Cruthis Robbins, Associate Registrar
Ashley Darr, Assistant Registrar
Mary Welker, Manager of Academic Records
Traci Dowdy, Transcript Coordinator

Research & Planning

Jeffrey Adams, Vice President for Research and Planning
Timothy Linker, Director, Research Administration & Sponsored Programs
Andrea Kennedy, Director of Institutional Research & Assessment
Jenna Antignano, Coordinator of Graduate Operations
James Lowery, Coordinator of Institutional Assessment
Lisa Williams, Administrative Assistant to the Office of Research and Planning

School of Art and Design

John Turpin, Dean
Diane Stenersen, Administrative Assistant to the School of Art and Design

School of Business

James Wehrley, Dean
Stephanie Crofton, Associate Dean
Anne Grube, Operations Manager
Susan Clark, Administrative Assistant to the School of Business

School of Communication

R. Wilfred Tremblay, Dean
Virginia McDermott, Associate Dean
Bradley Lambert, Director, M.A. Program in Communication
Donald Moore, Operations Manager
Martin Yount, Video Producer
Michelle Devlin, Administrative Assistant to the Dean

School of Education

Mariann Tillery, Dean
Barbara Leonard, Associate Dean
Jodi Moser, Data Manager, Administrative Assistant
Tammy Hines, Administrative Assistant

School of Health Sciences

Dan Erb, Dean
Audrey Westbrook, Human Biomechanics Research Engineer
Jamie Martin, Administrative Assistant to the School of Health Sciences
John Carver, Department Administrator, Department of Physical Therapy

School of Pharmacy

Ronald E. Ragan, Dean
Peter Gal, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Joy Greene, Assistant Dean for Experiential Education
Earle “Buddy” Lingle, Associate Dean for Student and Professional Affairs
Scot McIntosh, Laboratory Manager
Kristen Hoskins, Department Administrator
Courtnie Carter, Experiential Education Administrative Assistant

Security and Transportation

Jeff Karpovich, Chief/Director, Security & Transportation
Daryl Delagrange, Captain/Manager, Professional Development
David Kearns, Captain/Manager, Security Administration
Lindy Johnson, Captain/Manager, Technology & Communications
Jay Macy, Captain/Manager, Transportation Services
Derek Stafford, Captain/Manager, Investigation, Compliance & Crime Prevention
Dennis Schumaker, Captain/Manager, Professional Development
Chip Southern, Lead, Technical Specialist & Locksmith
Stuart Black, Technical Specialist
Maria Batista, Administrative Assistant
Gus Porter, Safety and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Service Learning

Joseph Blosser, Robert G. Culp, Jr. Director of Service Learning

Student Accounts

Janice Foley, Director of Student Accounts
Joyce Williams, Assistant Director of Student Accounts
Terri Kane, Information & Business Process Analyst
Ginger Lewis, Student Accounts Cashier
Ann Foody, Student Accounts Coordinator
Wesley Hall, Office Coordinator

Student Financial Planning

Ron Elmore, Director of Student Financial Planning
Sandra Norris, Assistant Director of Student Financial Planning
Jacqueline Kaylor, Counselor
Karen Hulin, Counselor
Casey Routh, Counselor
Barbara Mullis, Systems Program Administrator
Cana Hill, Administrative Assistant

Student Health Services

Marnie Marlette, Medical Director
Alicia Warrick, Certified Physician Assistant
Alisha DeTroye, Certified Physician Assistant
Andrea Jarvis, CCMA
Liz Huggins, CMA
Rhys Wittenberg, Nurse Practitioner
Sytwesha Washington, RMA
Susan Disher, Clinical Coordinator
Alana Follas, Front Office Receptionist
Gerri Tickle, Practice Manager

Student Life and Residence Life

Gail C. Tuttle, Senior Vice President for Student Life
Paul Kittle, Assistant Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students
Erica Lewis, Senior Director of Student Life
Tyresa Foster, Assistant Director of Student Life
Summer Priddy, Director of Campus Engagement & Student Activities
Stephanie Todt, Assistant Director of Campus Engagement & Student Activities
Scott Wojciechowski, Director of First Year Residential Education
Teri Cugliari, Director of Greek Life
Tara Shollenberger, Director of Student Conduct
Peyton Davis, Assistant Director of Student Conduct
Lynda Noffsinger, Director of Counseling Services
Kim Dansie, Staff Psychiatrist
Candice Cartner, Clinical Counselor
Stephanie Cartwright, Clinical Counselor
Emily Jennings, Clinical Counselor
Amber Kelley, Clinical Counselor
Aaron Post, Substance Abuse Educator
Anna Ventrone, Coordinator of Residential Services
Lance Dunlap, Coordinator of Residential Services
Mat Allred, Director of Recreation Services
Austin Wilson, Coordinator of Recreation Services
Amy Reynal, Coordinator of Campus Fitness Programs
Curtis Arena, Area Coordinator
Elizabeth Morgan, Resident Director
Lindsay Pritchard, Resident Director
Marcus Washington, Resident Director
Rayma Caulfield, Office Manager

Student Success

Beth Holder, Associate Dean
April Cosner, Success Coach
Britt Carl, Success Coach
Hilah Cook, Success Coach
Pam Francisco, Success Coach
Emily Long, Success Coach
Akir Khan, Success Coach
Angi Kinsey, Success Coach
Lynne Murray, Success Coach
Michael Robinson, Success Coach
Bradley Taylor, Success Coach
Brittany Myers, Department Administrator

Study Abroad

Heidi Fischer, Director of Study Abroad
Chris Ferguson, Experiential Learning Coordinator
Audrey Lisk, Program Developer
Joy Mondalto, Program Coordinator

Survey Research Center

Martin J. Kifer, Director
Brian McDonald, Associate Director

Undergraduate Research and Creative Works

Joanne D. Altman, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works

University Chapel

Preston A. Davis, Minister to the University
Ron Yardenay, Jewish Life Coordinator
Thomas B. Stockton, Bishop in Residence
Brittani Chavious, Manager of Chapel Programs

University Events

Melissa Anderson, Director of University Events
Marideth Riggs, Manager of University Events
Amanda Meinhardt, Event Planner
Tim Applegate, Proprietor, 1924 Prime