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Latin American Studies Minor

Latin American Studies is an integrative field that bridges multiple disciplines in its study of Latin American societies. The Latin American Studies Minor seeks to expose students to the long and complex history of the peoples of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central American, and South America. Covering the span from Pre-Columbian to current times, the Minor allows students to explore the literatures, political structures, religions, economies, and forms of artistic expression that characterize the diverse cultures seen throughout the Americas.

Latin American Studies Minor (20 credits):

  • Students pursuing a minor in Latin American Studies must complete their Foreign Language Requirement in Spanish or Portuguese.
  • No more than (2) courses in the minor may count toward the student’s major.

Select two of the following core courses (8):

  • ANT/SOA 3220. Religion and Politics in Latin America (4)
  • HST 2602. Modern Latin America (4)
  • PSC/GBS 3510. Latin American Politics (4)
  • SPN/GBS 3940. Spanish-American Culture and Civilization (4)

Choose three courses, outside of those taken to meet the requirements above, from the following (12):

  • ANT/SOA 3220. Religion and Politics in Latin America (4)
  • HST 2601. God, Gold, and Glory: Colonial Latin America (4)
  • HST 2602. Revolutionaries and Dictators: Modern Latin America (4)
  • HST 3601. Aztecs, Incas, Mayas, and Pre-Columbian Civilizations (4)
  • HST/GBS 3602. Native Peoples of Latin America (4)
  • HST/GBS 3603. Consumption, Material Culture, and Environment in Latin America (4)
  • HST 3611. History of Mexico (4)
  • HST/GBS 3621. History of Brazil (4)
  • PSC/GBS 3510. Latin American Politics (4)
  • SPN/GBS 3040. Spanish-American Culture and Civilization (4)
  • SPN 3230. Literary Genres in Latin American Literature (4)
  • SPN 3240. Spanish-American Literature I: In Search of an Identity (4)
  • SPN 3250. Spanish-American Literature II: The Voices of the Writers (4)
  • SPN 3260. Caribbean Literature: Images of a Region (4)
  • SPN 3881. Special Topics in Spanish with emphasis in Latin America (4)

For additional program information please contact Dr. Renzo Honores at

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