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Minor in Religion
Minor in Religion
Minor Requirements Credits
Total 20
Requirements for Minor in Religion
Requirements for Minor in Religion
Course Course Title Credits
REL 2099 Approaches to Religion or another course approved by the Department Chair 4
One course in Biblical Studies selected from the following:
REL 1001 The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies 4
REL 1002 New Testament Studies 4
REL 1009 Introduction to Biblical Themes 4
REL 2001 The Five Books of Moses 4
REL 2003 Hebrew Prophets 4
REL 2004 Jesus in the Gospels 4
REL 2006 Life and Letters of Paul 4
REL 3000 Biblical Interpretation 4
REL 3005 Psalms and Wisdom Literature 4
REL/WGS 3007 Women in the Bible 4
Elective credits in Religion (12 credits)

Course Descriptions
Note: At least one course used to satisfy requirements for the Religion minor must be at the 3000 level.