Engaged with the Liberal Arts: Faculty/Staff Essays

Many agree that the liberal arts are vital to higher education today.  The meaning of the liberal arts, however, is specific in many ways to the campus context and its various facets, both curricular and co-curricular or experiential.  In these Campus Essays, faculty and staff share their visions of the significance of the liberal arts in their own lives, in the lives of High Point students, and in the life of the university as a whole.

Illustrations of My Education: A Pictorial Exhortation on the Virtues of a Liberal Arts Education for a Career in Media Production

Prof. Brad Lambert, Associate Professor of Communication

The Liberal Arts: Enhancing Future Scientists’ Success

Briana Fiser, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics
Heather Miller, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

A Faith Legacy for Liberal Arts Education

Rev. Preston A. Davis, Minister to the University

Foundations for Extraordinary: A History of High Point University and the Liberal Arts

David Bryden, M.L.S., Director of Library Services

Mathematics in My Liberal Arts Education: Shaping My Past, Present, and Future

Adam Graham-Squire, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Work in the World and the World of Work:  Articulating the Value of a Holistic Liberal Arts Education for Vocation

Bridget Holcombe, M.S., Director of Career and Professional Development
Elizabeth Walker, M.S., Career Advisor, School of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences