School of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences

Minor in French & Francophone Studies

Requirements for a Minor in French and Francophone Studies (20 credits)

A. Core (12 credits)

FRE 2020. Intermediate French II (4)
FRE 2130. Readings in French and Grammar Review (4)
FRE 3200. Introductory Literature Survey (4)

B. One course in Culture and Civilization (4 credits)

FRE 3030. Civilization and Culture of France (4)
FRE 3040. France Today (4)
FRE 3080. Francophone Cultures Outside of France (4)

2 3780 cannot be taken if a student has received credit for French 3080.
3 ART 2888 may only be taken if the experience is in France.

C. Electives (4 credits)

FRE 3000. Conversation and Pronunciation (4)
FRE 3150. Contemporary French Culture through Film (4)
FRE 3180. Business French (4)
FRE 3210. Pre-Revolutionary French Literature (4)
FRE 3220. Literature of the Enlightenment and Revolutions (4)
FRE 3330. Modern and Contemporary French Literature (4)
FRE 3400. Francophone Voices (4)
FRE 3600. Creative Writing in French (4)
FRE 4010. Advanced Grammar and Composition
FRE 4500. Translation and Interpretation
FRE 4990. Seminar in French Topics (4)

Any other culture and civilization course not selected above.
A GBS course selected from the list under the French major.

Note: The French minor requires 16 credits if the student begins study of French at a level higher than French 2020.


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