David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences

Minor in Italian Studies

Requirements for Minor in Italian Studies (20 total credits)

Italian language core curriculum (12 credits):

  • ITA 2020 Intermediate Italian II (4)
  • ITA 2040 Italian Film and Conversation (4)
  • ITA 2050 Italian Reading and Composition (4)


Two electives at the 3000-level (8 credits); Students may choose two courses from the following options:

  • ITA/GBS 3030 Italian Culture and Civilization (4)
  • ITA/GBS 3232 Placing Sicily: The Crossroads of the Mediterranean (4) **Maymester Global Experience Course
  • ITA 3180 Made in Italy: Italian for Business (4)
  • ITA/GBS 3434 Translation Theory and Practice (4)

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