David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Brian Augustine-
B.A. Chemistry: SUNY Geneseo (NY), Ph.D. Chemistry: University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Post Doc: Microelectronics Center of North Carolina
Professor of Chemistry and Chair
312 Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9405
Dr. Meghan Blackledge-
B.A. Biological Chemistry: Wellesley College (MA), Ph.D. Chemistry: Duke University (NC), Post-Doc: North Carolina State University
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
339 Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9317
Dr. Keir Fogarty-
B.A. Chemistry: Colorado College, Ph.D. Chemistry: Colorado State University, Post-Doc: University of Minnesota
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
342 Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9692
Dr. Christopher Fowler-
B.S. Chemistry: Kalamazoo College (MI), Ph.D. Chemistry: University of Texas-Austin, Post-Doc: Oak Ridge National Laboratory (TN)
Associate Professor of Chemistry
340 Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9071
Dr. Todd Knippenberg-
B.S. Chemistry: Georgia Southern University, Ph.D. Chemistry: Clemson University (SC), Post-Doc: U.S. Naval Academy (MD)
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
355 B Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9531
Dr. Pamela Lundin-
B.S. Chemistry: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Ph.D. Chemistry: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Post-Doc: Stanford Univeristy & Wake Forest University
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
338 Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9539
Dr. Elizabeth McCorquodale-
B.S. Chemistry: High Point University, Ph.D. Chemistry: Wake Forest University (NC)
Associate Professor of Chemistry
355 A Congdon Hall
(336) 841-4593
Dr. Heather Miller-
B.S. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. Molecular Genetics: Duke University (NC), Post Doc: North Carolina State University
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
355 C Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9537
Dr. Melissa Srougi-
B.S. Biology: University of Toledo (OH), Ph.D. Pharmacology: Case Western Reserve University (OH), Post-Doc: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill & North Carolina State University
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
355 D Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9619
Dr. Andrew Wommack-
B.A. Chemistry: William Jewell College (MO), Ph.D. Chemistry: Boston College (MA), Post-Doc: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
341 Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9611
Dr. Pamela Knippenberg-
B.S. Chemistry: Salisbury State University (MD), Ph.D. Clemson University (SC), Post-Doc: U.S. Naval Academy (MD)
Adjunct Faculty of Chemistry
352A Congdon Hall
Mrs. Sheena Valenti-
B.S. Chemistry & Biology: Wayland Baptist University (TX), M.S. Chemistry: Baylor University (TX)
Laboratory Manager
352A Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9606
Mrs. Rebecca Smoak-
Administrative Assistant
235 Congdon Hall
(336) 841-9402

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