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B.S. Mathematical Economics

Program Overview

The Actuarial Science and Mathematical Economics programs at High Point University prepare students for some of the most exciting and “in-demand” jobs in the workforce. Economics is no longer as simple as “supply and demand.” Problem solving, abstract thinking, and quantitative reasoning are among the most sought after attributes of new hires – and these are all skills sharpened by a serious study of mathematics. Further, economics is becoming an increasingly technical field that now makes use of almost every area of mathematics. A solid background in mathematics will give those wishing to excel in economics-related professions a distinct advantage over the competition.

A Focused Curriculum

High Point University offers a Bachelor of Sciences in both Actuarial Science and Mathematical Economics.

The Actuarial Science major at High Point University was designed in consultation with local actuaries to give its students the best possible preparation for an actuarial career. Courses in finance, economics, and statistics have been accepted by the Society of Actuaries as satisfying its VEE requirements in Corporate Finance, Micro- and Macroeconomics, and Applied Statistics. The goal of the program is to produce graduates who have passed the first two actuarial exams (Probability and Financial Mathematics), completed the Society of Actuaries VEE requirements, and have developed through their coursework the skills to succeed in the actuarial profession.

Students seeking a B.S. in Mathematical Economics will be immersed in a well-balanced curriculum, preparing them for a wide variety of economics-related jobs or future graduate study. In addition to receiving a solid foundation in mathematics and economics, students will be given the opportunity to master principles of accounting, statistics, and financial management. Interested students will also have the opportunity to do individual research with the guidance from both a mathematician and an economist.


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