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Data Analytics and Statistics

Program Overview

The mathematics program at High Point University seeks to provide courses that will introduce students to the logic and foundations of mathematics so that they will build skills in problem solving and deductive and analytical reasoning. These are the skills that are in demand in many of today’s most sought-after career fields.

“Data scientists, data engineers and business analysts are among the most sought-after positions in America. Yet, many existing and emerging workers don’t have the full skillset employers need.
Requirements for data science and analytics jobs are often multidisciplinary and they all require an ability to link analytics to creating value for the organization. The analytics and technology skills vary widely, but candidates must also demonstrate skills related to problem-solving in the workplace, including soft skills such as communication, creativity and teamwork. This holistic skill set is rare, so you should expect to compete fiercely for T-shaped individuals, as they are now often called, meaning those with a principle competency, plus well-honed broad skills to help them cross functions or domains.” –PwC



Why should I major in data analytics and statistics at HPU?

  • In our program, students begin by building a solid foundation in
    mathematics and basic statistics. As they progress through the statistics
    courses, they learn to apply statistical models to detect patterns in large
    data sets and draw inferences accordingly.
  • Student take courses in both R and SAS programming, both of which are
    industry standards in statistics and data analysis.
  • Our program culminates with a data analytics capstone sequence, in
    which students apply what they have learned to a data analysis project
    over two semesters.
  • Students receive one-on-one mentorship from expert faculty.

What makes a good data analyst?

The ability to collaborate in order to help others find answers to their
questions lies at the heart of data analytics. An effective data analyst not
only has the ability to discover structure within the data but also excels
at communicating ideas and results to audiences with varying levels of
technical knowledge. At HPU, our analytics students take courses in
statistics, mathematics, and computer programming. The data analysis skills
honed in our program will be applicable to any industry.

In-demand skills for the 21st century workplace

The World Economic Forum released a study in 2018 indicating that by 2022, data analysts and scientists will be the highest job in demand.
So what is data analytics? Data analytics informs fact-based decision making by combining advancements in technology, mathematical and statistical reasoning, and machine learning methodologies to identify patterns and make predictions using large existing data sets.

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