Service Learning

Service Learning

Service Learning is where service, leadership, and ethics meet for the common good.

The mission of the Service Learning Program at High Point University is to engage students in an experiential and interdisciplinary learning environment that promotes their understanding of and commitment to responsible civic leadership. In our turbulent global times, HPU employs its liberal arts mission to prepare students to be active, knowledgeable, and responsible citizens. The Service Learning Program engages students in connecting the theory of the classroom with the practices of good citizens, encouraging community-based research, active problem-solving, and a growth mindset that fosters creativity and social innovation.

Service Learning courses can be found in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum of the University, in Liberal Arts majors courses, and throughout the University’s professional schools. But wherever these courses are found, students will be active participants in their education and community.

The growth in civic learning and democratic engagement at HPU has been extraordinary! In 2011-2012 the Service Learning Program offered 4 courses in one department, but in the 2014-2015 AY, we offer 24 courses in 14 majors with a total of nearly 400 students who served in the community as they studied in class. That’s an increase in 8,875 hours of service in just three years. In the 2014-2015 AY alone, the SL Program intends to have students serve about 10,000 hours in the City of High Point — that service is estimated to have an economic impact of $210,400.

Bonner Leader Update:
20 November 2015

The Year of Opportunity

Being in the Bonner Leader Program has been such an amazing opportunity, and I could not imagine my life and High Point University without the program. Through Bonner I have met amazing people that I don’t just consider friends, but I consider family. Just during the one short year we have all known each other I have had the privilege to get to know everyone’s differences and similarities through our passion to serve others. As the Bonner Congress Representative for High Point University I have also been given the opportunity to meet other Bonner Leaders and Bonner Scholars from schools around the nation at events like Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) and Bonner Congress (BonCon).

While at these conferences I have learned so much about the Bonner Program and about the other opportunities that are now available to me as a Bonner Leader. Just this past weekend I was at the University of Houston for BonCon. I learned so much information about how to expand our program and make it even better. It also gave me so many new ideas on how to unite our community and our campus that I am beyond excited to share with my cohort as our Big Idea. With our Big Idea Project in mind I’m excited to see how differently each service site approaches the idea and how they work as a team to complete their part of the project. Each and every Bonner is different, and that is what makes us so special. Each individual has the ability to do things their own way and we all make it work as a team. As the year continues I’m excited to get to know the first year Bonners better and get more Bonners at Macedonia to expand some projects we have been working on. As the new Bonners get adjusted and start working at their permanent placement sites, I’m excited to see their strengths and weaknesses and how they will implement their new ideas into the program.


 Spring Service Learning Class Highlights


ENG 2230 Literature and Community with Dr. Walker (Spring 2014)

Partnering with the Culler Senior Center in High Point and Pennybyrn at Maryfield, this English literature course developed a program called HPU LifeLines. LifeLines uses poetry to bridge the gap between High Point University students and the elderly community. Poetic experiences are provided to fulfill the interests and desires of our community partners. The reciting of poems combined with interactive activities and the joint writing of a poem strengthens the friendships between the elders and the students. This poetic journey also provides stress relief to all that participate in the workshop. Read more about the project at their website: Also read the recent story on the class featured on the HPU homepage.



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Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

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