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Service Learning is where service, leadership, and ethics meet for the common good.

The mission of the Service Learning Program at High Point University is to engage students in an experiential and interdisciplinary learning experience that promotes their understanding of and commitment to responsible civic leadership. Service Learning courses involve students in a minimum of 25 hours of service that is connected with the learning objectives of the class: the service helps the material become more practical and relevant and the course material helps students better understand and serve their communities.

In 2011-2012 the Service Learning Program offered 4 courses in one department, but by the 2013-2014 AY, we offered 20 courses in 11 majors with a total of 297 students who served in the community as they studied in class. That’s an increase in 6,270 hours of service in just three years. In the 2014-2015 AY, the SL Program intends to have students serve about 10,000 hours in the City of High Point — that service is estimated to have an economic impact of $210,400.

A course highlight is listed below, but all HPU SL courses are listed under the “Service Learning Courses” tab on the left toolbar. Please explore the classes, look at syllabi, and see the good work and rigorous education involved in the HPU SL Program. The SL Program also oversees the HPU Community Writing Center, Bonner Program, Democracy USA Program, and VISTA Program…more on each of those can also be found on the left-hand tool bar. Enjoy!



Spring Service Learning Class Highlights


ENG 2230 Literature and Community with Dr. Walker (Spring 2014)

Partnering with the Culler Senior Center in High Point and Pennybyrn at Maryfield, this English literature course developed a program called HPU LifeLines. LifeLines uses poetry to bridge the gap between High Point University students and the elderly community. Poetic experiences are provided to fulfill the interests and desires of our community partners. The reciting of poems combined with interactive activities and the joint writing of a poem strengthens the friendships between the elders and the students. This poetic journey also provides stress relief to all that participate in the workshop. Read more about the project at their website: Also read the recent story on the class featured on the HPU homepage.



Bonner Leader Update: Insight into the Freshman Bonner Leader Experience


I am one of the newcomers, so everything is still new to me. Even though I am new, the sites, the communities, and my fellow Bonners have all started to feel more familiar to me as time has progressed. The fact that I don’t need to check Facebook for their names anymore is proof of that. With the Bonners, I feel as though I am making more contributions to the community than I have done before. Being a Bonner has also allowed me to help out more than I ever had.

I’ve been working with Macedonia for about a month now tutoring immigrant and refugee children. I started at Macedonia not as a Bonner, but as a student in a service learning course. At first, the whole service learning project took me by surprise and I was a bit nervous about how things would turn out. Now, I don’t have those worries and very much enjoy spending time with the kids. When I talk with them, I would not even consider that they were refugees, immigrants, or their parents might have had a major reason for coming to Learning Together. As far as I’m concerned, they act just about the same way as other kids I have met.

My first day at Macedonia, things went by rather smoothly. I managed to get a ride with a fellow Bonner Leader, one of the advantages to being a Bonner Leader myself. We were shown what we were expected to do and what is to be expected with the kids. When I started helping one of the kids, I could not really get her to open up to me. She was rather shy and her brother ended up being more helpful than I was. I could also tell when she did not understand what we were going over, so I wanted to break that barrier that was preventing me from helping her and the other kids as well as make them feel better opening up to me.

I placed Macedonia as my possible permanent location site for this reason. I feel that I have already made a close connection with the kids and I have become well adapted to helping out there. Also, I will be able to work with more people at Macedonia by being stationed here. I feel very relieved that I was able to work at Macedonia for the service learning course since it has prepared me for when I have to be there as a Bonner. Since I will get the chance to return as a Bonner, I will not have to say goodbye to the kids anytime soon.

– Dante


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