Service Learning

Service Learning

Service Learning is where service, leadership, and ethics meet for the common good.

The mission of the Service Learning Program at High Point University is to engage students in an experiential and interdisciplinary learning environment that promotes their understanding of and commitment to responsible civic leadership. In our turbulent global times, HPU employs its liberal arts mission to prepare students to be active, knowledgeable, and responsible citizens. The Service Learning Program engages students in connecting the theory of the classroom with the practices of good citizens, encouraging community-based research, active problem-solving, and a growth mindset that fosters creativity and social innovation.

Service Learning courses can be found in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum of the University, in Liberal Arts majors courses, and throughout the University’s professional schools. But wherever these courses are found, students will be active participants in their education and community.


Service Learning Course Highlights

PHL 2043 Business Ethics with Dr. Blosser

In collaboration with the High Point Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Blosser’s Business Ethics conducted a community-based research project. The project was aimed at better understanding the young professionals in High Point. It asked young professionals about the ethical issues they faced on the job and how they solved them. These examples gave the HPU students real-life case studies to analyze in the classroom, instead of using textbook examples. And the students produced a white paper to help the Chamber better understand how it can work to attract and retain young professionals in the city.

5669dac3589c3.imagePhoto credit: Laura Greene, High Point Enterprise

 The report includes findings like:

  • Young professionals want an active, walkable, entertainment district, preferably in the downtown area.
  • Young professionals believe the city needs a more diverse business community with a wider range of industries that will higher college graduates.
  • The young professionals who already live in the City of High Point like living here, and they point to its small-town feel, geography, and weather as key reasons why they want to stay here.
  • Young professionals in High Point demonstrate high rates of religious attendance, making them quite different from their peers nationally.

To read the complete white paper, click here: Final White Paper

The High Point Enterprise covered the students’ presentation to the Chamber of Commerce Board on December 9th, 2015. Read the story here:




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