Find a Service Learning Course
High Point University values service learning as a way to use our liberal arts foundation to promote a more just and sustainable society. The Service Learning Program engages students in the practices of good citizens. It encourages community-based research, active problem-solving, life skills, and a growth mindset that fosters creativity and social innovation.

Service Learning Courses fulfill General Education requirements, including Experiential Learning, and can be found throughout majors and minors.


The mission of the Service Learning Program at High Point University is to engage students in experiential and interdisciplinary learning that promotes their understanding of responsible civic leadership and their commitment to it.

Program Overview

Service Learning connects the knowledge and skills students develop in the classroom with practical application in our community. It pushes students to engage professionals, listen to residents and collaborate on projects that improve life in the city of High Point for everyone.

High Point University offers about 30 service learning courses each year, engaging about 500 students in projects that align with the learning outcomes of their classes. All students serve at least 25 hours during the semester.

Service Learning
Strategic Communication Campaigns
places students in partnership with a local non-profit agency to create a turn-key marketing campaign. Students work directly with the non-profit to learn about needs of the individuals that agency serves. The students then use their knowledge to develop a marketing campaign that will be most beneficial to the agency’s target audience.
180911 Service Learning 155
Advanced Spanish Conversation
partners with the YWCA of High Point’s Latino Family Center to work with Latinx high school students. HPU students help them prepare their essays, resumes and applications for college. Through this mentoring, students gain essential Spanish conversation skills, and in turn, they help young people in the Latinx community realize their potential.
190206 CWC 0172
Unique to Honors students,
the Service Learning Program offers a series of HRN 1200 courses, like Co-Opting the White Paper, Serving the Social Interest, and Approaches to the Justice System, that immerse first-year Honors students in community-based research projects that build their research capacity and benefit the local community with data to improve their programs.

General Education

DIS 1000 SL

Hunger in America:

Works with local community gardens

ENG 1103 SL (W)

Writing and Research:

Tutors with after-school programs

ENG 2230 SL (L)

Literature and Community:

Tutors with the HPU Community Writing Center

DIS 1000 SL

True Crime:

Works with the Family Justice Center

PHL 2013 SL (E)

Ethics of Education:

Works at a local Title I school

PHL 2019 SL (E)

Environmental Ethics:

Works with the Piedmont Environmental Center

ENG 3000 SL

HPU LifeLines Presents: FANFICTION!:

Works with Operation Xcel’s after-school program

REL 2007 SL

Biblical Justice:

Serves with a local non-profit confronting issues of homelessness and food insecurity

REL 2015 SL (E)

Faith and Ethics:

Serves people experiencing poverty through Ward Street Mission

SOA 1020 SL (S)

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology:

Works with immigrant, refugee and food security issues in High Point.


ART 3081 SL

Documentary Photography:

Documents different aspects of life in High Point

BIO 3500 SL

Cell Biology:

Works with local Title I schools

COM 3322 SL

Character & UI Design:

Teaches kids how to do game design in an after-school program

COM 4343 SL

Convergent Journalism:

Uses media to tell the stories of non- profits in different sectors of society

COM 4415 SL

Strategic Communication Campaigns:

Creates events and turn-key marketing campaigns for local non-profits

INT 3240 SL

Global Issues in the Built Environment:

Works with housing issues in the US and abroad

EDU 3100 SL

Collaboration in General Education:

Works on collaborative projects with teachers in a Title I school

ENG 4140 SL

Community Writing:

Works with local organizations on public and professional writing projects

PSC 3332 SL

Campaigns and Elections:

Students work on a local campaign

SPN 2141 SL

Spanish for the Medical Professions:

Translates for the Community Clinic

SPN 3010 SL

Phonetics & Phonology:

Works with Spanish speaking youth and families