Civic Engagement and Social Innovation

Civic Responsibility and Social Innovation

The Civic Responsibility and Social Innovation Minor prepares students to be active and engaged citizens. Our graduates understand complex social challenges, and they know how to make change happen. Through a diverse set of interdisciplinary courses, students develop knowledge of ethics, social and individual identity, civic life, and the tools for social innovation.

Students form knowledge through action, and they develop skills like program planning, project management, assessment, public speaking, conflict resolution, decision-making, reflection, and effective social change. Through curricular and cocurricular experiences, students become savvy navigators of community issues and effective advocates for causes of justice, like poverty, food insecurity, education, public health, and more.

Minor Requirements (21 Credits)

Required courses (13)

CSI/WGS 2020 SL Identity, Gender, and Social Justice in High Point (4)
COM 2210 Persuasive Speaking (1)
CSI/PHL 3010 SL Civic Responsibility and Social Innovation (4)
*CSI 4098 Signature Work Praxis I (1)
*CSI 4099 Signature Work Praxis II (1)

*All CRSI minors must complete 100 hours of service in the City of High Point, documented and approved by the CRSI Program, before they can enroll in the CSI 4098.

Students will select 8 credits from the following courses (8):

Any 2000-level or above courses with a Service Learning “SL” designation


ENV 1110 Environmental Science (4)
SOA 1020 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (4)
PSC 2310 American Politics (4)
ENT 4220 Social Entrepreneurship (4)
WGS 1000 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (4)
CSI 1001 Service and Success Workshop* (1)
CSI 1002 Civic Engagement Workshop* (1)
CSI 2001 Civic Leadership Workshop* (1)
CSI 2002 Community-based Research Workshop* (1)
* Only Bonner Leaders can enroll in these courses.