As Volunteers In Service To America, VISTA members work full-time for a year in communities throughout the United States to advance local solutions, build capacity, and achieve sustainability.  This service year is from August 1st, 2022 – July 31st, 2023.

High Point University (HPU) began hosting eight VISTAs and a VISTA leader in July 2017 to improve education and food security in High Point. The HPU VISTAs are committed to making a difference on and off campus in the efforts to alleviate poverty and fight food insecurities.

Benefits of being a VISTA at HPU include living in an HPU maintained house, a 19 meal dining plan during the academic year, conference travel support, limited health benefits, around $13,400 living allowance, and at the end of the year VISTAs have the option of a Segal Education Award ($6,195) or a post-service stipend ($2,000).

High Point University (HPU) is recruiting 16 VISTAs for the next service year. Ten VISTAs will work on education, four VISTAs will work on food security, and two VISTAs will serve as leaders of the overall project. HPU began hosting VISTAs in 2014, and they make a difference on and off campus as they work to alleviate poverty.

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Education VISTAs will divide up several key tasks:

  1. Develop marketing and fundraising materials for education non-profits.
  2. Recruit mentors and tutors for Title I elementary school students.
  3. Engage community leaders to increase pride in High Point schools.
  4. Oversee the development of after-school programs for elementary and middle school students.
  5. Support adolescent parents on succeeding in high school and being college or career ready.
  6. Support Latinx students as they prepare for college.
  7. Increase support of immigrant communities with tutoring and mentorship programs.
  8. Increase the engagement of HPU students in the local community.

Food Security VISTAs will divide up several key tasks:

  1. Promote and develop community gardens throughout High Point.
  2. Expand market options for farmers in the city.
  3. Develop corner stores and shared use kitchens to increase healthy food in High Point’s food deserts.
  4. Deepen the network of food pantries, backpack programs, and hot meal programs in the city.
  5. Improve food education in High Point.
  6. Increase the engagement of HPU students in the local community.

This project will offer VISTAs the chance to build upon other VISTAs work as well as start something new. They will get to envision a project from the ground up, build community ownership, engage volunteers and see their idea utilized. After finishing the service year, VISTAs will be well-prepared for the job market or graduate school. They will have clear “wins,” tangible examples of their leadership, and strong references who are ready to speak to the impact that they have made. This project is perfect for someone wanting to get involved in education, health professions, community development, non-profit management, public administration, politics or communications.

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