The Service Learning Program consists of courses taught by the best High Point University faculty – faculty have to compete for the opportunity and are specially trained to teach in the program.

Thanks to an over $100,000 gift from the Silvershein/Gutenstein Family Foundation, High Point University has been able to train over 55 faculty from every school on campus in Service Learning. What began in 2011 as a program with three faculty has become a campus-wide approach to experiential education.


The full list of our Silvershein/Gutenstein Faculty Fellows includes:

Carolyn Adams Final
Carolyn Adams
Assistant Professor of Spanish
+1 (336) 841-4684
Tawannah Allen final  (1)
Tawannah Allen
Associate Professor of Leadership Studies
+1 (336) 841-9311
high point university faculty brad barlow portrait
Brad Barlow
Associate Professor of Astrophysics; Director of the Culp Planetarium; Co-Director Natural Sciences Fellows
+1 (336) 841-9542
Bauer, Angela 02012021
Angela Bauer, PhD
Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
+1 (336) 841-9501
Joe Rail 2
Rev. Dr. Joe Blosser
Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy and Executive Director of the Center for Community Engagement
+1 (336) 841-9337
210903 REL PHL 008
Matthew Brophy
Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy and Assistant Director of CITL
+1 (336) 841-9656
Cadeau Charmaine
Charmaine Cadeau
Associate Professor of English
+1 (336) 841-9630
Carron Namnun, Hayden
Hayden Carron Namnun
Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of the Spanish Program
+1 (336) 841-9016
Cavendish Leslie
Leslie Cavendish
Chair and Associate Professor of Educator Preparation
+1 (336) 841-9375
Sara DeNicholas
Sara Moreno De Nicolas
Assistant Professor of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures
+1 (336) 841-9151
210429 Kathy Elliott
Kathryn Elliott
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of Entrepreneurship Program
+1 (336) 841-9422
high point university faculty Nahed Eltantawy portrait
Nahed Eltantawy
Professor and Associate Dean
+1 (336) 841-9175
200310 Dan Erb 0005 RET
Daniel Erb, PT, PhD
+1 (336) 841-4595
210903 Christopher Franks REL PHL
Christopher Franks
Chair and Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy and Pre-Ministerial Advisor
+1 (336) 841-4501
210429 Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall
Dean of the Earl N Phillips School of Business
+1 (336) 841-9104
Bobby Hayes
Bobby Hayes
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Journalism
+1 (336) 888-6310
High point university faculty brian heagney portrait
Brian Heagney
Assistant Professor of Game Design
+1 (336) 841-9063
Martin Kifer
Martin Kifer
Chair and Associate Professor of Political Science; Director of the Survey Research Center
+1 (336) 841-9333
180921 Brad Lambert
Bradley Lambert
Associate Professor of Media Production and Entrepreneurship and Director of MA Program in Strategic Communication
+1 (336) 841-9332
Elder  Sadie Leder 1
Sadie Leder Elder
Associate Professor of Psychology
+1 (336) 841-9430
Brandon Lenoir
Brandon Lenoir
Assistant Professor Political Communication
+1 (336) 841-9869
210903 Amy MacArthur REL PHL 004
Amy L. MacArthur
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy
+1 (336) 841-9072
Scott MacLeod
Scott MacLeod
Associate Professor of Voice Director of Vocal Studies
+1 (336) 841-9557
Virginia McDermott
Virginia McDermott
Dean and Professor of Strategic Communication
+1 (336) 841-9384
Robert Moses  (1)
Robert Moses
Associate Professor of Religion
+1 (336) 841-4537
Jane Nichols II
Jane Nichols
Chair and Associate Professor
+1 (336) 841-9565
Cathy Nowicki
Cathy Nowicki
Assistant Professor of Home Furnishings and Interior Design
+1 (336) 841-9212
210903 Thaddeus Ostrowski REL PHL
Thaddeus Ostrowski
Instructor of Religion and Philosophy
+1 (336) 841-9410
Jacob Paul
Jacob Paul
Associate Professor of English
+1 (336) 841-9559
Robert Powell (1)
Robert Powell
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Media Production
+1 (336) 841-9642
High point university faculty paul ringel portrait
Paul Ringel
Professor, History
+1 (336) 841-4547
high point university faculty Tarara Rosemarie portrait
Rosemarie Tarara
Instructor, Educator Preparation and Director of Education Fellows
+1 (336) 841-9647
John Turner
John Turner
Associate Professor of Music
+1 (336) 841-9419
Benita VanWinkle
Benita VanWinkle
Associate Professor of Visual Arts
+1 (336) 841-9466
High point university faculty allison walker portrait
Allison Walker
Director of Service Learning and Instructor, English
+1 (336) 841-9146