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Apr 08th, 2021

News Studio/Control Room

The video studios provide a real-world laboratory for students exploring careers in the broadcast, corporate media, and television news industries. The studio suite is comprised of two studio areas and a central control room.  Each studio space includes full professional lighting fixtures, grids, and controls.  Studio A is over 1,300 ft2 and includes a fully functional news set, green-screen wall, and production monitors.  Studio A supports weekly student newscasts, class sessions, and independent student productions.  Studio B is 800 ftand acts as a flexible studio area supporting class instruction and independent student productions.

The Central Control Room provides access and control for both studios.  The studios include four HDTV cameras with professional teleprompter systems.  The heart of the control room is an integrated Ross Video Carbonite Switcher, XPression Media Server, and XPression Graphics system.  The equipment and facilities in the TV Studios are designed to create an integrated learning environment for students interested in production, producing, directing, and on-camera performance.  Programming from the NQSC TV Studio can be streamed to Facebook, YouTube and other services, providing a worldwide audience for HPU student productions.

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210804 TV Studio 016

210804 TV Studio 002