Fall 2021 Walk-In Hours

Natalie RyanACC 2010Monday & Wednes12:30-1:30 pmCottrell
Liv CharmanADV 1101Tuesday & Thurs2-3 pm4th Floor Smith Library
Caroline SiedelAnatomyTuesday3:00pm-5:00pmAnatomy Lab
Lj CoaxumAnatomyTuesday10 am-noonWSNS 207
Julia KupftetAnatomyWednesday2-4pmWSNS 207
Lauren DinklaAnatomyThursday7-9 pmWSNS 207
Lauryn SaadehAnatomyMonday2:30pm-3:30pmAnatomy Lab
LJ Coaxum Jr.AnatomyTuesday10:00am-12:00pmAnatomy Lab
Sadie SullivanAnatomyWednesday 5:00pm-7:00pmAnatomy Lab
Hannah SmithBiologyMondayNoon- 1 pmThe Hive
Tuesday11 am-Noon
Andrew KohleBioChemThursday4:30-6:30The Hive
Franzi JakobsBioChemTuesday3:30-5:30The Hive
Micaela CummingsBIOMonday12-2 pmBakery
Wednesday12-1 pmBakery
Allyson Howard-GreenBIOMonday4:00pm-6:00pmWSNS 101
Josiah Williams BIOMonday6:00pm-8:00pmWSNS 101
Alex KapolisBIOTuesday4:00pm-6:00pmWSNS 101
Allyson Howard-Green & Josiah WilliamsBIOTuesday6:00pm-8:00pmWSNS 101
Dr. Cindy Vigueira BIOWednesday
4:00pm-5:00pmWSNS 101
Dr. Dane KuppingerBIOWednesday5:00pm-6:00pmWSNS 101
Josiah WilliamsBIOWednesday6:00pm-8:00pmWSNS 101
Hannah SmithBIOThursday4:00pm-6:00pmWSNS 101
Brittany RuudCHM 1010Thursday & Friday10:30-12:30 pm1st floor Smith Library
Jenn HinamanGeneral ChemistrySunday 4:00pm-6:00pmWSNS 136
Dr. Chris FowlerGeneral Chemistry
Monday 4:00pm-6:00pmWSNS 136
Sadie FlaggGeneral ChemistryMonday 5:00pm-7:00pmWSNS 136
Dr. Sarmad HindoGeneral ChemistryTuesday3:00pm-5:00pmWSNS 136
Sadie FlaggGeneral ChemistryTuesday5:00pm-7:00pmWSNS 136
Dr. Todd KnippenbergGeneral ChemistryWednesday 3:00pm-5:00pmWSNS 136
Sean LeisureGeneral ChemistryWednesday 6:00pm-8:00pmWSNS 136
Dr. Keir FogartyGeneral ChemistryThursday 4:30pm-6:30pmWSNS 136
Sean LeisureGeneral ChemistryThursday 6:00pm-8:00pmWSNS 136
Madison PetersonOrganic ChemistrySunday 5:00pm-7:00pmWSNS 136
Myaisha LucasOrganic ChemistryMonday 5:00pm-7:00pmWSNS 136
Roxton EdwardsOrganic ChemistryTuesday 5:00pm-7:00pmWSNS 136
Marlo HemersonOrganic Chemistry
Wednesday 5:00pm-7:00pmWSNS 136
Dr. Andrew WommackOrganic ChemistryThursday1:00pm-3:00pmWSNS 136
Dr. Pamela LundinOrganic ChemistryThursday 3:00pm-5:00pmWSNS 136
Hanna ZelisCSC 1710 Tuesday & Thursday3-4 pmCouch Computer Lab
Marcus DekantelCSC 1710 Monday & Wednesday2:30-4:30Couch Computer Lab
Kelly WilesENV 1110Tuesday & Thursday1:15-3:15 pm4th Floor Smith Library
GeorgeENV 1110Mondays 4:00pm-5:00pmWSNS 209
Will KongFIN 3010M, W, F9:30-11 am1st floor Smith Library
Thursday1-3 pm1st floor Smith Library
Parker Blue HNR 1303Tuesday & Thursnoon-2pm3rd Floor Finch Commons
Elizabeth SbazoHST 1201Wednes & Thur2-3 pmBakery
Alexis HeathITA 1010Monday & Wednesday3:30-4:30 pmBakery
Kristin SalvatoreITA 1010Wednesday2-3 pm4th Floor Smith Library
Thursday 11:30-12:30 pm4th Floor Smith Library
Alexis LabelleMTHTuesday3:15-4:15 pmCouch 324
Sunday (SI) 14106-8 pmCouch 223
Monday (SI) 14106:30-7:30 pmCouch 223
Wednesday7-8 pmCouch 223
Thursday (SI) 14106:30-7:30 pmCouch 223
Arnai JohnsonMTH 1130Wednesday6-8 pm
Matthew Redbord MTHMonday4:00-6:00 pmBakery
Tuesday3:30-5:30 pmBakery
Tony QuagliataMTHTuesday & Thurs2-3:30 pm4th Floor Smith Library
Friday9:15-10:30 am4th Floor Smith Library
Elijah TruittMTH 1410Tuesday5-7 pm4th Floor Smith Library
Thursday3-5 pm
Arnai JohnsonPHL 2008Fridaynoon- 2pm
Madison KamerPHS 2060Wednesday3:30-5:30 pmWanek LC
Will FrondorfPHY 1050Sunday & WednesdaySunday 2:00pm-4:00pm and Wednesday 7:00pm-9:00pmWSNS 201
Gabriana Del VacchioPHY 1050Monday & Thursday6:00pm-8:00pmWSNS 201
Dr. Brad BarlowPHY 1050Wednesday3:00pm-5:00pmWSNS 214 (Planetarium)
Amaiya AnthonyPHY 1510
Sunday3:30pm-5:30pmWSNS 201
Roxton EdwardsPHY 1510Monday & ThursdayMonday 5:00pm-7:00pm and Thursday 6:00pm-8:00pmWSNS 201
Grace ToddPHY 2010Sunday & MondaySunday 3:00pm-5:00pm and Monday 6:00pm-8:00pmWSNS 201
Michael GarciaPHY 1510 and PHY 2010Tuesday & Wednesday6:00pm-8:00pmWSNS 201
Jenna DuncanPSY 3100M & W6-7 pmCottrell 241
PSY 2100M & W (SI)7-9 pmCottrell 241
Halle NicholsSMG 1010Tuesday & Wednesday3:30-4:30 pm4th floor NQSC Lobby
Helen DoddatoSOA 1010M & W2-3 pmPhillips 215
Tuesday5:30-6:30 pmCottrell 242
Sara PizzarelloSTS 2610Wednesday2-4 pm
Sunday 9/194-6 pmCentennial 2
Carolina KapperSTS 2910Tuesday (SI)10:30 am-12:30 pmCouch 324
STS 2610Thursday10:30 am-12:30 pmCouch 324
Madison PaternostroSTS 2610Monday2:30-3:30 pmBakery
Wednesday1:30-3:30 pmBakery
Morgan KlineSTS 2020Monday & Thursday3:30-5:30 pmThe Hive
Meri HuffBIO Wednesday3-5 pm4th Floor Smith Library
Friday10 am-noon4th Floor Smith Library
Gabriana Del VecchioPHY 1050Monday & Thursday6-8pmWSNS 201
Mary Kate PurcellHSTThursday1:40-3 pm1st Floor Smith Library
Friday11 am-1pm
Savannah GraverPSC 2710Monday1:30-3 pm4th Floor Smith Library
Margaret DuffyCRJTuesday & Thursday10:30-11:30 amWanek Learning Commons
Will FrondorfPHY 1050Sunday2-4pmWSNS 201
Wednesday7-9 pmWSNS 201
Sadie SullivanPHS 2060 Tuesdays (Until 10-1)5-7 pmWSNS 306
Monday (After 10-1)5-7 pmWSNS 306
Tift HollisCOM/GAMFriday12-2 pmNQSC 125
Sunday10 am-noonNQSC 125

Faculty-Led Math Lab Schedule
Tutoring available for all 1000- level math courses by Mathematical Sciences Faculty
Dr. Harger
Mr. Skeen
9:00am-10:00am (Harger)
10:30am-12:00pm (Skeen)
Couch 304/306
Dr. Lewis
Dr. O'Hara
10:00am-11:00am (Lewis)
12:30pm-2:00pm (O'Hara)
Couch 304/306
Dr. Lewis
11:00am-12:30pm (Lewis)
Couch 304/306
Dr. Lewis Virtual Link
Dr. J. Fuselier
Dr. Carnell (tutors MTH 1010, MTH 1110, & MTH 1130 only)
10:00am-11:00am (Fuselier)
2:00pm-3:00pm (Carnell)
Couch 304/306

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