Head of HPU Security and Transportation Earns Service Award

Sep 28th, 2012

Head of HPU Security and Transportation Earns Service Award

HIGH POINT, N.C., Sept. 28, 2012
– Jeff Karpovich, security chief and transportation director at High Point University, CPP, was recently presented the Meritorious Service Award by Private Officer International for his commitment to public safety.

Private Officer International, a cutting-edge, full-service security, public safety and private police organization, recognized the safety initiatives that Karpovich has put in place at High Point University during the past four years.

“It is my hope that students and parents take solace knowing their security department is managed by a team of industry-leading professionals, and that such peer recognition comes after four years of hard work and unyielding administrative support,” said Karpovich. “This combination has produced an exemplary protection program and I could not have done it alone.”

This is the third industry award in less than four years that HPU Security has received thanks to Karpovich. The International Association of College Law Enforcement Administrators presented Karpovich with the Administrative Excellence Award in 2010 and the Commitment to Excellence Award in 2011.

“Awards like this do not happen by one man’s effort,” said Karpovich. “I have been in the business for over 30 years and know of no program that has matched the support and resources that HPU has provided me to build this program.”