Chaney’s Comeback Story Exemplifies HPU’s Commitment to Providing Extraordinary Student Opportunities

Dear Friend,

Some suggest that experience is the best teacher. At High Point University, we instill the entrepreneurial spirit by forging the delicate, yet crucial connection, among the access of information, the patience of scholarly learning, and the opportunities to apply that knowledge in powerful and purposeful ways.  Doing without knowing why is not enough. Understanding without implementing is not enough. But the combination of understanding and executing is the truest essence of entrepreneurship. Our world is demanding leaders to have the ability to “figure it out.” The “it” is changing by the second.

At HPU, we understand that we must instill in our students the competence and confidence to solve any problem, to tackle any challenge, to achieve any goal. How do we do this? We believe in our students. We tell them we believe in them, and then we show them we believe – by providing them with abundant opportunities.

CBS Sports recognized Allan Chaney as the Comeback Player of the Year. His story is remarkable indeed – overcoming health obstacles to play competitive Division 1 basketball. It’s the hero’s journey – through persistence comes prosperity, through adversity comes abundance. Chaney found a place that believed in him at his new home at HPU, and while the results are measured by many through his impressive game stats, I prefer to measure them based on his daily Twitter post: “Thank you Lord for waking me up today.”

While Chaney’s story may be unique to the world, the idea that he found an opportunity to shine at HPU is our standard. We believe in offering opportunities to all our students. Whether it’s supporting young alum Seth Gold and his Bamboo Apparel Company, or providing our home web page as a platform for current student Lilian Bijl to find her voice as a writer, or sending 60 students to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to interview politicians and pundits while producing their own documentary, we know that EVERY opportunity we provide our students is an INVESTMENT in their development as leaders.

This is the type of education that the world is demanding. It’s the type of education that our parents and students appreciate. And it’s the type of education our faculty and staff are committed to delivering on a daily basis.

Thank you for your continued advocacy and support.

-President Nido R. Qubein

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